Click and Collect is a Christmas gift for drivers

PETROLBLOG takes the Citroën Xsara VTS shopping and reckons that Click and Collect is a Christmas gift for keen drivers. Here’s why.

Meet the only living Fiat Tempra in New York

How did you spend your honeymoon? Chances are it didn’t involve taking a Fiat Tempra on an 8,000-mile American adventure. We doff our hat to Jim and Alan.

Frankly, we don’t talk about the Peugeot 309 enough

The Peugeot 309 was developed as the Talbot Horizon but became the first Peugeot to be built in Britain. But it’s in danger of becoming extinct in the UK.

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Chris Rea finally makes it home for Christmas

After 30 years on the ‘Road to Hell’, Chris Rea has finally got his feet on holy ground and made it home for Christmas. He couldn’t wait to see those faces.

The Skoda Felicia Fun was a properly fun pick-up

This is the Skoda Felicia Fun, arguably one of the most 90s cars of the 1990s. To celebrate 20 years since its launch, PETROLBLOG says hello to yellow.

Black bumpers and steelies: we want proper base models

Do you miss the days when a base model meant a moulded black bumper, steel wheels and a single door mirror? We do, which is why we love these photoshops.

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10 reasons why you need a Fiat Panda 4×4

What’s PetrolBlog’s favourite 4×4? Why it’s the Fiat Panda 4×4 of course. Here are 10 reasons why you need one in your life. Just ask a Tuscan hill farmer.


PetrolBlog’s Real World Dream Barn

Having confessed to not being all that fussed about supercars, PetrolBlog names the 10 cars that would be fighting for space in the Real World Dream Barn.


The Barn is back and it’s been reloaded

PETROLBLOG relaunches the Real World Dream Barn, with a simpler name and a new set of rules.



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