Petrolblog welcomes advertisers. Well, finding coins for the meter is becoming increasingly hard and Aunt Edna has stopped sending us Hobnobs. So the extra cash would be nice.

Every month, millions of readers from around the world sit by their smartphones, patiently waiting for the next PetrolBlog post to appear. This is the motoring blog that has taken the internet by storm.

Note, nothing in that previous sentence was actually true. Sorry.

Petrolblog is like the BBC. Only smaller. Without the heritage. And more niche. And without Songs of Praise. Or Chris Packham.

In the interests of transparency, we do like Hobnobs, Creme Eggs, Waitrose Belgian buns, gold top milk and raspberries. Free supplies would be gratefully received.

We don’t like clutter – which might come as a surprise to anyone who has spent time in the Petrolblog garage – so we won’t be accepting advertising pop-ups, videos that obscure the words or sponsored posts that are out of kilter with the site’s core content.

On the other hand, get in touch if you fancy sponsoring a section or have a suite of ads that will appeal to PB’s loyal fan(s).

If you’re looking for site stats, we have a fan in Romania, a couple in Kent, a few lurkers in Canada and a chap called Marcel of no fixed abode in rural France. We also understand that Siobhan Fahey – once of Bananarama – also paid us a visit, but that was only a rumour.

That’ll be all.

Email gavin [at] to discuss your advertising needs. We’ll be waiting for your call. No, really, we will. The lights have just gone off again.