9th November 2020
Chris Barker CarTunes

CarTunes: a Mixtape by Chris Barker

Chris Barker is like a bus. You wait years for an article from the bearded writer, only for two to arrive in quick succession. Here are his CarTunes. Nice.
7th October 2020
CarTunes by Tony Gardner

CarTunes: a mixtape by Tony Gardner

What's this, a proper celebrity on PetrolBlog? Last Tango in Halifax actor Tony Gardner has been in touch with his CarTunes. Contains a purple Beach Buggy.
11th September 2020
CarTunes by Peter Counsell

CarTunes: another mixtape by Peter Counsell

Peter Counsell is back with another three CarTunes, with songs linked to drives in a Ford Fiesta XR2, Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet and Audi A6 Avant.
21st August 2020
CarTunes by Kenny Smith

CarTunes: a mixtape by Kenny Smith

Friend of the show and Club PetrolBlog member Kenny Smith has wandered into the lock-up armed with his choice of CarTunes. He has an eclectric taste. Nice.
17th August 2020
CarTunes by Ben Hooper

CarTunes: a mixtape by Ben Hooper

Ben Hooper is learning to drive in his Volvo 480, but this hasn't stopped him from getting in touch with PetrolBlog with his choice of CarTunes.
26th June 2020
CarTunes mixtape by Graham Eason

CarTunes: a mixtape by Graham Eason

PetrolBlog is fast becoming a home for words and pictures of a musical variety. Stay locked to this channel for the top CarTunes of Graham Eason. Not ‘alf.
23rd June 2020
Ford Cortina GXL

The Ford Cortina: a listener’s top ten guide

Inspired by Peter Counsell's recent CarTunes feature, William Dickey delivers a top ten countdown of songs containing an ode to the Ford Cortina.
16th June 2020
CarTunes by Peter Counsell

Introducing CarTunes: a mixtape by Peter Counsell

In a nod to Ken Bruce's ‘Tracks of My Years’ feature, PetrolBlog introduces CarTunes. Songs that take you back to a specific journey in a specific car.