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Ben Hooper is learning to drive in his Volvo 480, but this hasn't stopped him from getting in touch with PetrolBlog with his choice of CarTunes.

Friend of the show and Club PetrolBlog member Ben Hooper has been in touch with his CarTunes. Predictably, for someone who is learning to drive in his Volvo 480, the choices are excellent.

If you're new to the CarTunes idea, check out the original piece by Peter Counsell, then have a read of the words written by Graham Eason. In the meantime, see what Ben Hooper has to say. Over to you, Ben.

Duran Duran – Ordinary World/New Moon on Monday

Volvo 480ES

Ordinary World is important to me. I've never known a song that is so perfectly executed. It speaks to me.

The Volvo 480 is representative of what I wanted to achieve when I first heard the song. I imagined going on a European road trip with this song in the cassette deck. I should probably put the song with the quattro, as that car and this song are both integral to my identity, but I have yet to hear it play while driving that car.

While Ordinary World was initially assigned as a 480 track, its importance to me as a piece of music is too great for me to assign to one car. It is symbolic of my overall dream, rather than one aspect. Which brings me on to New Moon on Monday.

This is an all but forgotten track from Duran Duran's third album, which had the challenging task of following Rio. A lot of the music was experimental to say the least. This track, despite the lyrics making little sense, has always made me smile. The sound takes me back (or forward) to a time when I am in the 480 on a European road trip, probably on the autoroute flanked by mountains in France.

Volvo 480 ES

The sense of freedom, wonder and excitement just fills me with optimism, and while many tracks in my car playlists are shared with other vehicles, this song belongs to the 480. The track can be seen as an analog to the 480: something very different, cheeky and upbeat. It doesn't make much sense and it had a tough act to follow.

New Moon On Monday and the Volvo 480 ES go hand in hand as symbolic of the freedom I desire. Going off on an adventure with the world as a playground, flanked by mountains, blue skies and warmer climes. This song fits with France more than anywhere else, probably because of &" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">this video.

Watch that video with the sound off, play the song and focus on the driving sequences, it's what dreams are made of. Probably.

David Bowie - Heroes

Audi WR Quattro

It may be customary to choose Ashes to Ashes for this car. I recall the classic David Bowie track sending chills down my spine as it played just as the turbo kicked in. However, I'm choosing Heroes instead.

The quattro is a heroic car – an icon of the late Cold War era. This ties in with a song about freedom, benevolence and heroism – traits that I feel match the car. The quattro brings joy to those who drive it – it's a hero of the road. I actually consider the quattro to be an integral part of who I am. I feel I must make myself worthy of its mount by being a good person, who is not afraid to stand up for what I believe in.

The quattro gives me confidence in myself, and this song sums up why: when you are in it, it doesn't matter what others think, you can be as heroic as you want. Who cares if you get overtaken by an angry Caravelle on the M27? They aren't driving home in a quattro, you are. There is no need for aggravation.

Roxy Music – Avalon

Rover 220 GSi

This one is not as much about the Rover 220 GSi, but where we got it from. Driving to the other side of Glastonbury to see, and then collect it; it's a stunning part of the world.

Heading home via the Tor after we had collected it, over the hills and in the valleys, this song was in my head, just a gorgeous symphony of music, sky, and twin cam. I was going through a rough personal time at that point, and for a day I just felt really soothed. That was what mattered the most.

Remember, the CarTunes playlist is up and running on Spotify. As mixtapes go, it’s rather special. If you've been inspired by the choice of Ben Hooper, get in touch to add some CarTunes of your own. Next up, the choice of Kenny Smith.

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