18th September 2020
MG at cross-Channel ferry

10 of the best photo opportunities for your press car

Looking for photo opportunities for your next press car? Here are 10 of the best locations, including on the ferry, at the recycling centre and in Cornwall.
24th August 2020
Baby Poo Yellow Honda HR-V

10 of the best: a celebration of Baby Poo Yellow

In 2012, Jalopnik named Baby Poo Yellow (aka Baby Puke Yellow) as one of the worst car colours ever offered. PetrolBlog respectfully disagrees with this.
18th February 2020
Citroen AX Ten PetrolBlog is 10

Ten years on: PetrolBlog is still running

PetrolBlog was born on this day in 2010. To mark the occassion, here are ten cars with a tenuous link to the number ten – and a thank you for hanging around
19th October 2016
10 of the best: blue-collar shooting brakes

10 of the best: blue-collar shooting brakes

Number 68 Castleham Road, St. Leonards-on-Sea, Sussex – sounds more like the address of a retirement place than the home of one of the greatest cars ever […]
26th January 2016
Citroens for sale at Retromobile 2016

10 Citroëns to fall in love with at the Rétromobile sale

From a 1961 Citroën 2CV Sahara to a 2007 Citroën C6, we list 10 cars most likely to appeal when part of the Trigano collection is auctioned at Retromobile.
14th October 2015
DS 4 Crossback

DS 4 Crossback: is it the best _back?

To celebrate the launch of the new DS 4 Crossback, PetrolBlog asks the unlikely question: what is the best back in the automotive world?
30th June 2015

10 of the best: Rear of the Year 2015

Kym Marsh has been named Rear of the Year 2015, which is apparently something to get excited about. But what are the best bums in the car world?
27th June 2014
Single wiper love on PetrolBlog

10 of the best: single wipers

PetrolBlog's 10 of the best cars with single wipers. Because as we all know, cars just look better with just the one wiper. Isn't that right, LJK Setright?
5th December 2010
Green Ford Capri 280

10 more green cars sitting on a blog

Back in September, I posted ten images on PetrolBlog with the aim of proving to a ‘Prominent PR Person’ that green cars rock. Sadly, I failed […]
16th September 2010
Green VW Scirocco

10 green cars sitting on a blog

A selection of 10 cars that look great in green paint.
4th March 2010

PetrolBlog’s top 10 car adverts

Commercial break: from Volkswagen's Singing in the Rain to Honda's Impossible Dream, PetrolBlog lists the top 10 car adverts of all time.
18th February 2010
Main PetrolBlog window sticker

Top 10 signs of obsessive motoring

Anoraks unite: these are the signs that you're a motoring obessessive, according to PetrolBlog.