Alex Wilcox’s Real World Dream Barn

Alex Wilcox is a bit of a rebel. Not only has he broken one of the first rules of Real World Dream Barn – the requirement to pick ten cars – he’s also selected a certain Cortina that he might struggle to get within the £30k price limit.

But hey, we don’t take things too seriously on PetrolBlog, so we say more power to Alex. Just don’t do it again, eh? Nice list mind you…

Citroën C6

Real World Dream Barn: Citroen C6

Everything that makes Citroën great with a modern twist. I came extremely close to making this dream a reality but backed out at the last minute after talking to someone who had taken the plunge. It was as hideously expensive to run as I had thought it would be, and I got a bit scared.

I have unfinished business so I will be back- would have to be black or grey in Excusive spec with The Lounge Pack and the dark tan leather. I would go as far as importing one from France if it meant I could have the right colour combination with the later 3.0-litre V6 diesel.

Citroën BX GTI 16v

Real World Dream Barn: Citroen BX 16v

Probably my favourite ‘older’ Citroën. I just love the idea of a GTi sports model with Hydropneumatic suspension giving great ride quality. The two things shouldn’t go together but Citroën made it happen. The interior is also the usual Citroën genius.

Volvo V70 R

Real World Dream Barn: Volvo V70 R

One of a few non-French entries in my barn. Everyone must have something that can take children and dogs and other things, so what better than a 300hp Q car. Not the best drivers’ car ever made but it has all weather 4-wheel drive security and a fantastic engine note. Mint Green with David Dickinson tan leather please.

Peugeot 309 GTI

Real World Dream Barn: Peugeot 309 GTi

I am one of the few that actually prefer the 309 to the 205 GTi. In my opinion it’s better looking, and the fact that it isn’t a 205 GTI makes it a lot cooler for me. Only real French car enthusiasts would know what it was, and the fact Peugeot even made it. Preferably a Goodwood. I love the combination of the dark Green paint and the light coloured wood flashes in the interior.

Mini Cooper John Cooper Final Edition

Real World Dream Barn: Mini John Cooper

The most iconic British car ever made. Known and recognised the world over. British Racing Green, white bonnet stripes with the John Cooper signature, Union Jack on the roof. If you are going to do something, you may as well do it properly!

Citroën Visa GTI

Real World Dream Barn: Citroen Visa GTi

Another Citroën, but I promise it’s the last! I put this in here with the thinking that it would be a perfect little town car, but I think that if I actually found one, I couldn’t bring myself to drive it on public roads for fear of it being crashed in to or keyed or something else nasty. Its boxy proportions, quad headlights and little alloy wheels just look so right. Any sane person would have a Golf GTI but that would just be boring wouldn’t it?!

BMW E60 M5 V10 Touring

Real World Dream Barn: BMW M5 Touring

I have admittedly already fulfilled the family transport category with the Volvo V70 R above. The M5 is here for a different reason though – a V10. In an estate. Is there any more explanation needed? I think I would put a towbar on it, a ‘DAD’S TAXI’ sticker and then go and ruin rear tyres of an evening. In my book the coolest estate car ever made.

Lotus Cortina

Real World Dream Barn: Lotus Cortina

I have left this offering until last because im not even sure it is possible with a £30,000 limit. The only two I can find at the time of writing this are up for £23,000 and £42,000. The cheaper one needs a restoration, and the more expensive one is a fully restored car. I’m still including the Cortina because at some point, somewhere, there may have been, or may be a ‘goldilocks’ car.

Slap bang on £30,000 but may need a little bit of work. The combination of the rorty twin cam engine, rear-wheel drive with a chassis setup by Lotus makes the Cortina a fascinating classic.

All of which leaves two empty berths in Alex Wilcox’s Real World Dream Barn. How should he fill the void? A couple of extra Citroëns perhaps? Or, given the recent trip to the Vauxhall Heritage Centre, an Astra GTE?

Answers on a postcard to the usual address, where you can also submit your own Real World Dream Barn…

All images © manufacturers, except BX © Keith Adams, 309 © Wikipedia, M5 © Automotiveart and Cortina © Newspress.

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