Is this Volvo 340 the most PetrolBloggy car in Mayfair?

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A 1989 Volvo 340 DL is one of the most surprising cars you'll find in Mayfair? Still want that Bentley, Ferrari or Porsche? Of course not.

According to a well-known London estate agent – the one with the fleet of Minis – the average price of a property in Mayfair is £3.4 million. Note the word ‘property’; if you're after a house, the average price is £9.5m. 

Fancy a six-bedroom terraced house on Mount Street? There's currently one for sale for a cool £27.5m. Don't worry, you can get a 25-year mortgage at a rate of £151,986 a month... 

Mayfair isn't prime PetrolBlog territory, so it's surprising to find a Volvo 340 DL parked outside the Egyptian Bureau for Cultural and Educational Affairs on Chesterfield Gardens. You'd think it would look like a bluefin tuna out of Evian, but somehow it manages to appear comfortable in its surroundings. To the embassy born, or something. 

The current Google Street View shows the 1989 Volvo flanked by a Porsche Taycan and a Tesla Model S. On the same street, you'll find a Bentley Flying Spur, Audi R8 and Range Rover. Heck, even the black wheelie bin manages to look posh.

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Volvo 340 parked in Mayfair

Switch to the aerial view and you'll see it parked next to a Ferrari 488 GTB, which was featured on the ‘spotted’ section of It's encouraging to see that at least two people acknowledged the majesty of the Volvo. 

It's not just visiting Mayfair having passed ‘go’. This Volvo lives there and is parked in a resident parking permit zone. No ‘free parking’ for this owner. Evidence from other websites would suggest it has been in residence for a while. 

According to the government's online MOT service, the Mayfair Volvo was last tested in November 2022 and it has just 3858 miles on the clock. Could that be genuine? It looks like it travels no further than a dozen or so miles a year. 

What's remarkable is that it sits inside the current London ULEZ and is also subject to the Congestion Charge. Still, if the car isn't moving, the owner doesn't have to pay any charges. Given the Mayfair property prices, would it be fair to assume that the owner isn't too fussed about paying a combined £27.50 to travel to and from the MOT station? 

If you're the owner of the Volvo, PetrolBlog salutes you. A lifetime achievement award awaits you at the next Club PetrolBlog ceremony. Heck, you deserve an honorary membership. 

Apologies for the shonky website. A site worthy of Mayfair is coming soon. 

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