A Shatchback to prove GreenCarsRock

Regular readers of PetrolBlog will know that I have an irrational hatred of Shatchbacks. For the uninitiated, a Shatchback is the automotive equivalent of an afterthought – a hatchback which has simply had a cardboard box welded to the boot to turn it into a saloon car. There have been some horrors featured on PetrolBlog, but worse is to come I’m sure.

It is also no secret that I believe that green is quite frankly one of the greatest hues to grace a car. Indeed, only last week I listed ten of the greatest green cars ever. There wasn’t a single Honda Insight or Toyota Prius in sight either.

But it got me thinking. Does green paint have enough in the locker to do the unthinkable and make a Shatchback actually quite appealing? Well, after a swift Hobnob, I set the challenge on Twitter. Less than five hours later and the first candidate was put forward by @KuangEleven.

Take one 1980 Volkswagen Jetta. Add trick wheels. Lower it. Fit roof rack. Sprinkle on few retro stickers and hey presto, a rather splendid Shatchback is born.

Volkswagen VW Jetta
Dub be good to me

A brilliant stance, perfectly balanced and subtle styling, this Jetta proves beyond all reasonable doubt that green cars really do rock. But does it actually demonstrate that Shatchbacks can be appealing? That’s debatable, but the hunt is well and truly on for more green Shatchbacks that you’d actually love to own.


Image courtesy of devianart.com. Thanks to @KuangEleven for hunting it down.

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  1. September 21, 2010

    Took a lot of figuring out, that did – I swore that there was a classic 70s Fiat, but then realised that the one I was thinking of shared the same design but was built on a different platform to the hatch. Had to be the MK1 Jetta too, not only because it’s the tidiest, but because it really was a straight graft-on – the later revisions all had extra tweaks to the platform.
    The one tiny detail that I think makes this stand out is the way they sculpted the C pillars to suggest a new, more elegant line into the boot and hide the original profile of the hatch. Strangely enough, that detail on the coupe actually accentuated the hatch origins, and I reckon it looked worse for it despite having skinnier pillars.

    • September 22, 2010

      The MK1 Jetta is perhaps one of the boxiest cars ever to grace this earth, but is just seems to work when subtly modified. Some choice rims, a roof rack and a lowered stance is all it needs. I’ve always quite fancied one, but I’m now actually actively considering a purchase. Oh dear.

  2. September 29, 2011

    I like most ‘Shatchbacks’, but the most awful one I can think of is the last Ford Escort saloon. I like the Jetta (probably as a result of already being a VW owner!), but I agree that adding a saloon rear to a hatchback front can look ugly. Take the latest VW Jetta for example. Now I do like this car a lot, but even I will admit that the rounded Golf nose is slightly at odds with the boxy Jetta rear. The Proton Persona also looks slightly awkward in saloon form compared to its prettier (I think anyway) hatchback relative.

    • September 29, 2011

      You ‘like most Shatchbacks?’ 😉 You need to consider writing a ‘for the love of Shatchbacks’ blog post! 😉


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