Welcome to Petrolblog Mk6

Major Waffle

I've lost count. Is this the fourth-generation Petrolblog? Maybe it's the fifth? I'm settling on Petrolblog Mk6, which is why this welcome message is accompanied by a photo of a sixth-gen Ford Escort Encore. 

As a Petrolblog regular, you'll appreciate the unpainted bumpers and rubbing strips. Now imagine it sans wheel trims, running on black steelies. Phwoar.

Anyway, it's another new start for Petrolblog. Note the lowercase ’b’ – PetrolBlog is no more. It's a subtle tweak, but it reflects the fact that it's more than just a blog. There's a rubbish YouTube channel, plans for a range of merchandise and general things beyond this website.

At this point, I must thank Roy McCarthy for the lovely logo, Martin Spain for the wonderful website, and McVities's for the heavenly Hobnobs. Crumbs, you guys are good at what you do.

It's now up to me to create mediocre articles, produce rubbish videos, and tempt you into buying tat you don't need. Speaking of which, can I interest you in a Club Petrolblog sticker? See the shop for more details.

I hope you enjoy Petrolblog Mk6. To stick with the Ford theme, the replacement will be the Focus Mk1, so the next site will be even better.