PetrolBlog: the chump is coming back

Major Waffle
Gonna make a move, yeah. Oh, he's ready. And makin' moves, yeah. PetrolBlog is returning to a screen near you. Contain your excitement.

Cue the theme from Rocky and the sight of an Escort RS2000 covered in dust: ‘I'm gonna make you great again. The people want you back.’

Actually, I'm on decidedly dodgy ground if I reference an epic soundtrack and a " target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">legendary television advert, but it's been a rocky few months for PetrolBlog. No blog updates since December 2021 and no rubbish YouTube videos since... well, I dare not look. Apologies for the radio silence; who knew that pretending to know what you're doing on a new classic car magazine would be so time consuming?

The twelfth issue of Classic.Retro.Modern. will be published later this month. So far, nobody has exposed me as a fraud. Smoke and mirrors are wonderful things.

If there's one thing worse than not having the time to spend on something you love, it's making a half-arsed attempt at keeping it going. Out of sight, out of mind. The plan was always to return to PetrolBlog when time would allow. Keeping everything crossed, that time is likely to be this summer.

Abandoned cars in Italy

Cards on the table, I did wonder if it would be best to leave PetrolBlog to gather dust like the Mk2 Escort RS2000 in the classic Ford advert. Nobody really wants the Mk5 Escort equivalent of a car blog, do they? A lot has changed since PetrolBlog stumbled into the spotlight in 2010. Is there space for PetrolBlog when the likes of Ian Seabrook and Chris Pollitt are doing such great things for the cheap car scene?

I guess I'll find out in the summer. Things might look a little different: a bit of a refresh, new ways to support the blog and a likely 50:50 split between blog and video content. I have plans, I just need to down a large bottle of self-confidence and get on with it. In the meantime, this brief update should remind the Google search engine bots that PetrolBlog is still a thing. Hello, bots.

One other thing: if you're a Club PetrolBlog member, stand by your inbox and letterbox. I'll be in touch soon. Thanks for being there.

Won't be long now. Getting strong now. The chump is back soon.

Oh, I haven't bought a Citroën 2CV. I just thought the image was a good reflection of the fact that PetrolBlog has been 'resting'.

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