3rd August 2018
Volvo 850 R

The Barn, according to Kenny Smith

Inspired by PETROLBLOG's choices for The Barn: Reloaded, the long-time friend of the show and good egg Kenny Smith puts pen to paper. Well, he wrote an email.
27th July 2018

The Barn is back and it’s been reloaded

PETROLBLOG relaunches the Real World Dream Barn, with a simpler name and a new set of rules.
30th May 2013
Real World Dream Barn: Range Rover

Now That’s What I Call a Real World Dream Barn

Now That's What I Call a Real World Dream Barn: Celebrating the best of PetrolBlog's Real World Dream Barn. The pick of the pops. Not 'alf.
10th May 2013
Citroën CX 2400 IE Pallas

Rob’s Real World Dream Barn revisited

Inspired by David Tillyer, Rob Griggs-Taylor has returned to PetrolBlog with another ten cars for this Real World Dream Barn. People are getting greedy!
8th May 2013
Real World Dream Barn: Volvo V70 R

Alex Wilcox’s Real World Dream Barn

Alex Wilcox has selected ten cars for his PetrolBlog Real World Dream Barn. Hang on - no he hasn't - there are only eight cars. Er, where's the Real World Dream Barn guidebook?
29th April 2013
Audi A2

Keith WR Jones and his Real World Dream Barn

Award-winning blogger, Keith WR Jones takes a wander into PetrolBlog HQ and slams down a list of the magic ten cars that would grace his Real World Dream Barn.
13th April 2013

Rachel Watson’s Real World Dream Barn

We couldn't launch the new PetrolBlog website without a brand new Real World Dream Barn. So step forward web designer Rachel Watson.
3rd April 2013
Mercedes-Benz W126 S-Class

David Tillyer’s Real World Dream Barn Revisited

David Tillyer picked up the award for PetrolBlog's Real World Dream Barn of 2012, so it's only right that we give him the opportunity to showcase his nearly cars. Those that remained on the substitutes bench - once destined for great things...
26th February 2013

Darren Leslie’s Real World Dream Barn

Darren Leslie's Real World Dream Barn is 30% British, 30% German, 30% Japanese and 10% French. Oh and 100% brilliant.
20th February 2013

Andrew Evans’s Real World Dream Barn

Andrew Evans rolls into PetrolBlog town with his very own Real World Dream Barn. There are a few surprises in here that'll leave...
18th February 2013
Maserati Ghibli Cup

Simon Ford’s Real World Dream Barn

Simon Ford of Simon's Car Spots selects the ten cars that would fill his Real World Dream Barn.
11th February 2013
Real World Dream Barn: Mercedes Unimog

Simon Hingston’s Real World Dream Barn

Probably the most eclectic and eccentric Real World Dream Barn ever to appear on PetrolBlog. It's time for Simon Hingston to select his ten of the best.