14th April 2021

Shednesday: Mk1 Honda HR-V

Ben Carter shares PetrolBlog's love of the Honda HR-V. For this week's Shednesday, he's selected four prime cuts from the Facebook counter.
7th April 2021
Suzuki Baleno estate

Shednesday: Suzuki Baleno

Ben serves up a Suzuki Baleno feast for Shednesday. Would sir or madam prefer the hatchback, saloon or estate? Everyone's a winner.
30th March 2021
Shednesday Jaguar S-Type

Shednesday: Jaguar S-Type V8

Ben Carter has downed a packet of brave bills for this week's Shednesday. A tatty Jaguar S-Type V8 with some rust and questionable stains.
24th March 2021
Mazda MX-6

Shednesday: Mid-life crisis coupés

Ben Carter is on the verge of a mid-life crisis. He's been looking at coupes, but only because he knows that he doesn't want one. Or does he?
17th March 2021
Proton Cars

Shednesday: A plethora of Proton cars

Ben Carter is settling into his role of Grandmaster Shednesday. Here he picks a plethora of Proton cars, including a Satria GTI and Jumbuck.
10th March 2021
Honda Integra

Shednesday: Honda Integra 1.5 automatic

Monday, Tuesday, Shednesday. Here's Ben Carter with a tempting Honda Integra for sale on Facebook Marketplace. No, not THAT Integra...
3rd March 2021

Shednesday: Honda Accord 4WS vs. Renault Laguna GT

Ben Carter has wandered into four-wheel steer territory for this week's Shednesday. So, Honda Accord 4WS or Renault Laguna GT?
22nd February 2021
Chrysler New Yorker Shednesday

Shednesday: Native New Yorker in Sunderland

This week Shednesday serves up a slice of automotive American pie in the shape of a £400 Chrysler New Yorker. Do ya feel lucky? Well, do ya?
17th February 2021
Shednesday Fiat Croma

Shednesday: Fiat Croma Comfort Wagon

Introducing Shednesday, Ben's weekly dive into the murky waters of Facebook Marketplace in search of pearls. He starts with the Fiat Croma.