21st September 2016
Kia Rio Because Race

Her name was Rio and she wasn’t all that

Tom Ellis goes racing in a Mk1 Kia Rio and promises never to make the same mistake again.
17th June 2013
Old FARTs on PetrolBlog: Proton Impian

Car Confessional: Old FARTs

Car Confessional: PetrolBlog declares a love for a trio of Far Eastern saloons - affectionally known as Old FARTS - Proton Impian, Kia Magentis and Hyundai Sonata.
25th February 2010
Kia Magentis

Transformers…Kia in disguise

The rich tea biscuit. A beige cardigan. Drizzle. Magnolia paint. Aled Jones. All safe, unassuming items. Items that kind of blend into the background. They’re just there. And if you woke […]