26th May 2021
Shednesday ABC

Shednesday: Audi A2 to BMW Z3

Getting to grips with Shednesday is as easy as learning your A, B, C. Which is why Ben Carter has gone full alphabet for you.
7th December 2018
Skoda Felicia Fun

The Skoda Felicia Fun was a properly fun pick-up

This is the Skoda Felicia Fun, arguably one of the most 90s cars of the 1990s. To celebrate 20 years since its launch, PetrolBlog says hello to yellow.
13th August 2018
Skoda 110 Super Sport Ferat

The Skoda 110 Super Sport Ferat was fangtastic

Based on the 1972 Skoda 110 Super Sport concept, the Skoda Ferat appeared in a movie about a vampire-like car that ran on blood. It's fangtastic. Probably.
25th July 2018

Skoda Favorit saved from the scrapheap is a brilliant first car

PetrolBlog attends the Haynes Breakfast Club and falls in love with a Skoda Favorit LXI owned by 17-year-old George Fooks. It's a very cool first car.
27th April 2017
Skoda's decision to kill the Yeti is abominable

Skoda’s decision to kill the Yeti is abominable

According to Autocar, the Skoda Yeti is set to replaced by a new, characterless model called the Karoq. Oh dear.
27th September 2016
Skoda Felicia Golden Prague

The Skoda Felicia Golden Prague is pure gold

PetrolBlog discovers the Skoda Felicia Golden Prague in the Skoda Museum and says it's the best Felicia you've never heard of.
28th May 2016
Skoda Citigo Monte Carlo Grand Prix

Move over Monaco, we want the St Ives Grand Prix

Would St Ives be the perfect town to host a British equivalent of the Monaco Grand Prix? It’s a question nobody has ever asked, but PetrolBlog […]
25th January 2016
Skoda garage door

Exclusive: it’s a Skoda garage door, honest

Skoda set to launch exclusive range of new garage doors, but denies reports that a super-fast vRS version is planned. Also, no TwinDoor is expected.
9th May 2013
Skoda Rapid Sport

Czech out the Skoda Rapid Sport

The Skoda Rapid Sport has caught the eye of PetrolBlog. Sadly it's only a concept that's not destined for production. Tell Skoda it's making a mistake. Please.
5th February 2013

A tale of two city cars: Fiat Panda and Skoda Citigo

The Fiat Panda and Skoda Citigo are two of the cheapest and smallest cars you can buy today. In a rare twin-test review, PetrolBlog tries to find a winner.
25th January 2013
Skoda Felicia retrospective

Retrospective: celebrating the Skoda Felicia

PetrolBlog has been rummaging through the filing cabinet to look for old press photos. First up is the star of the mid-90s: the Skoda Felicia.
21st January 2013
Skoda Yeti Laurin and Klement Badge

Time to dust off the budget badge: Skoda Yeti 4×4

Skoda has unveiled a new range-topping Laurin & Klement spec for the Yeti. PetrolBlog wonders if a budget version would be more apt.