19th June 2020
PetrolBlog Save Our Scrap

Why PetrolBlog says it’s time to Save Our Scrap

The 2009 scrappage scheme had a devastating effect on the classic car industry. The Save Our Scrap (SOS) campaign is calling for a fairer scheme in 2020.
13th June 2020
Peugeot 205 scrappage car

The French cars killed by scrappage: Peugeot

In the third and final installment, PetrolBlog looks at the number of Peugeot cars killed as part of the UK government's scrappage scheme in 2009.
12th June 2020
Citroen scrappage victims

The French cars killed by scrappage: Citroën

There are rumours that the government will introduce a new scrappage scheme in 2020. With this in mind, here are the Citroën cars that were lost in 2009.
12th June 2020
Renault scrappage

The French cars killed by scrappage: Renault

Around 390,000 cars were victims of the 2009 UK scrappage scheme. Here, PetrolBlog reveals the Renault cars that were lost, including two Clio Williams.
18th December 2019
Gravity Grave Dodge Charger

How The Verve’s Dodge Charger was sent to an early grave

A 1973 Dodge Charger was one of the stars of the video accompanying The Verve's 1992 single Gravity Grave. PetrolBlog has discovered that the car is history
25th July 2018

Skoda Favorit saved from the scrapheap is a brilliant first car

PetrolBlog attends the Haynes Breakfast Club and falls in love with a Skoda Favorit LXI owned by 17-year-old George Fooks. It's a very cool first car.
21st March 2016
Hyundai i10 Scrappage

Red i Syndrome – the legacy of Scrappage

Thanks to the government scrappage scheme, the nation's streets are going to be littered with red base-spec Hyundais. Will nobody think of the children?