What’s hot and what’s not?

17th April 2013
2013 Suzuki Jimny SZ4 review on PetrolBlog

Capricious: 2013 Suzuki Jimny SZ4 review

PetrolBlog reviews the 2013 Suzuki Jimny SZ4 and draws comparisons with the Ford Capri. It all started with the new bonnet scoop...
14th March 2013

Anyone for coffee? Fiat 500L

PetrolBlog drives the new Fiat 500L. The first car in the world to feature an onboard coffee machine. Is this enough to stop you talking about its looks?
22nd February 2013

MINI Clubvan Cooper D review and PetrolBlog heaven

PetrolBlog drives the MINI Clubvan and likes it. PetrolBlog sees lots of French cars and loves them. PetrolBlog is happy. The end.
19th February 2013
Vauxhall Adam review on PetrolBlog

OMG! The Vauxhall Adam is totes amaze

PetrolBlog reviews the new 2013 Vauxhall ADAM to see if it's capable of taking the right to the MINI and Fiat 500. Game on.
18th February 2013

First Drive: Volvo V40 Cross Country and R-Design

PetrolBlog tests a few of the new Volvo V40 R-Design and Cross Country models and wonders if it's a classic case of less is more from the new Swede.
12th February 2013

The new black: Chevrolet Volt review

Robin Brown has spent 600 miles driving the new Chevrolet Volt and it's fair to say that he rather enjoyed the experience.
5th February 2013

A tale of two city cars: Fiat Panda and Skoda Citigo

The Fiat Panda and Skoda Citigo are two of the cheapest and smallest cars you can buy today. In a rare twin-test review, PetrolBlog tries to find a winner.
5th February 2013
Toyota Space Cruiser Real World Review

Real World Review: Toyota Space Cruiser

A Real World Review from Jenny. After eight trouble-free years, her Toyota Space Cruiser has been broken into and smashed into.
4th February 2013
A day in the life of a Honda Jazz Si (review)

A day in the life of a Honda Jazz Si

PetrolBlog spends the day in the life of a Honda Jazz Si driver, visiting a garden centre and reservoir, before settling down to read the Daily Express.
24th January 2013
First Drive: 2013 Toyota Verso

First Drive: New 2013 Toyota Verso review

PetrolBlog heads to France to drive the new 2013 7-seat Toyota Verso compact MPV. A car that's hard to love but very easy to like.
17th January 2013
Old versus new: Honda CR-V review

Old Versus New: Honda CR-V

First he drives it in Munich, then Robin Brown heads to Scotland to drive the new Honda CR-V. Here he compares it with the old model.
7th December 2012
Value Driven: Dacia Sandero review

Dacia Sandero: Value driven

PetrolBlog takes a look at the Dacia Sandero. Britain's cheapest new car and arriving on these very shores next year.