30th July 2014
Renault 21 GTS

Renault 21: more than just a number

More than just a number? In 1989, the Renault 21 starred in a classic TV ad, based on the cult TV series, The Prisoner. It even escaped from the Village.
22nd July 2014
French car critical list - Renault Fuego

The French Car Critical List: Renault

It's Renault's turn to feature under the rarest French cars spotlight, as we count down from the 5 to 14, via the Fuego, to discover the endangered species.
14th February 2014
Reart-wheel drive Renaults - 2014 Twingo

New Twingo! Celebrating the best rear-wheel drive Renaults

Renault is to build the rear-engined, rear-wheel drive Twingo! Good news. So we celebrate by taking a look back at our favourite rear-wheel drive Renaults.
29th January 2014
MK1 Renault Espace and aircraft

Happy 30th birthday, grand-père: MK1 Renault Espace

It's 30 years since the original MK1 Renault Espace was born. After a very slow start, it went on to define the MPV sector. PetrolBlog says happy birthday.
28th September 2013
Laguna Coupe Monaco GP

The last beautiful Renault? Laguna Coupé Monaco GP

PetrolBlog asks, is the Renault Laguna Coupé Monaco GP the last beautiful Renault we'll ever see? Pick one up now for £10,000 - you know you want to.
19th August 2013
Whatever happened to...the Renault 14?

Whatever happened to the Renault 14?

It was launched as 'The Pear' and later nicknamed 'The Rotten Pear', but PetrolBlog asks, whatever happened to the Renault 14?
20th July 2013
Renaultsport Clio 200 Turbo review on PetrolBlog

Short changed: Renaultsport Clio 200 Turbo

Short changed: PetrolBlog tests the new Renaultsport Clio and finds that it has lost its intimacy and feels too grown up. Then there's the gearbox...
14th May 2013
Whatever happened to: the Renault 25?

Whatever happened to the Renault 25?

Whatever happened to the Renault 25? With a Gandini-designed interior and the sumptuous Baccara version, the 25 needs more respect.
26th April 2013
Lovely Renault 8 in Spain

Old Renaults, Messi and pidgin English in Spain

PetrolBlog showcases some of the PetrolBloggy cars seen during the recent road test of the new SEAT Leon SC in Spain. Warning: contains old Renaults.
16th January 2013
Renault Laguna RTi

Car Confessional: MK1 Renault Laguna

The first Car Confessional of 2013 features the MK1 Renault Laguna. A confession too far? You tell us.
17th October 2012
Renault Twizy review on PetrolBlog

Renault Twizy: In the rain, on the M3 motorway

PetrolBlog has a drive in the Renault Twizy. In the rain. On the Basingstoke ring road. And on the motorway. Fun.
9th October 2012
New 2013 Renault Clio review on PetrolBlog

First Drive: New 2013 Renault Clio Energy TCe 90

PetrolBlog goes to Florence to test drive the new 2012 Renault Clio. And you know what? It's a bit good.