28th November 2019
Steffi Graf with Opel Corsa

Would love one: Opel Corsa Steffi Special

PetrolBlog serves up an ace in the form of the Opel Corsa Steffi Special. You'll love it, if only for the seat covers (and pictures of Steffi Graf).
30th November 2012
D-reg Opel Manta GTE

Ralph Hosier remembers the Opel Manta

Ralph Hosier has been reminiscing about the Opel Manta. Should we expect to see one arriving in the workshop in the near future?
18th March 2010
Opel Speedster Scorpions

Yesterday’s Specials: Opel Speedster Scorpions

In the UK, Vauxhall turned to a bearded comedian to promote the VX220. Over in Germany, Opel turned to a rock band to launch the Speedster Scorpions.