23rd November 2020
2021 Toyota Camry side view

The 2021 Toyota Camry Isn’t Inspirational – But That’s OK

The UK 2021 Toyota Camry was unveiled today. If the GR Yaris entered with a bang, news of the Camry was greeted more with a whimper. But that's OK.
19th November 2020
Horse and Suzuki Vitara

Much Like The Horse, Your Car Will Live On

The horse survived the industrial revolution, the mechanisation of farming and the war. Your petrol car will have little trouble surviving the 2030 ban.
11th November 2020
Ford Puma ST 2020

Helping Ford Out of a Great Big Hole

William Dickey has thoughts on Ford's current naming policy and an idea for an advertising campaign for the new Mustang Mach-E electric car.
6th October 2020
Some hard plastics

Car buyers don’t care about ‘some hard plastics’

New research* shows that new car buyers aren't bothered about ‘some hard plastics’ in a cabin. Road testers have been sent into a tailspin.
2nd October 2020
I really fancy a Lexus

It’s finally happened: I really fancy a Lexus

After 45 years of being a Lexus denier, I really fancy owning a Lexus IS, ideally in F Sport trim, thank you. A life of Radio 4 and garden centres awaits.
2nd July 2020
2020 Mercedes A-Class

New drivers – forget the A-Class and buy something cheap

According to Auto Trader, the Mercedes-Benz A-Class is the best new car for new drivers. With a list price of £24,000, surely there's been some mistake?
3rd June 2020
Hyundai Genesis UK side view

The Hyundai Genesis now costs less than a new i10

Five years ago, our man drove a new Hyundai Genesis 3.8-litre V6. It cost a massive £48k. Today, the price has dropped to £14k. Still want that VW Phaeton?
2nd March 2020
Honda S660 in the UK

I sat in a Honda S660 – and now I want one

A 2016 Honda S660 turned up at the Haynes Breakfast Club meet and promptly stole the show. Predictably, PetrolBlog would like to own the fun size Honda NSX.
14th February 2020
2020 Citroen C3 wood dashboard

The new Citroën C3 has got wood

Citroën has updated the C3 supermini for 2020. You can now get a wood dashboard to go with your Airbumps. It's the best combo since Eric and Ernie.
29th January 2020
Alpine A110 SportsX SUV coupe

The Alpine A110 SportsX is too good for words

The Alpine A110 SportsX concept has been unveiled and PetrolBlog is lost for words. It's only January, but nothing is likely to top this SUV coupe in 2020.
17th January 2020
2020 Renault Sandero RS

The Renault Sandero RS is the budget hot hatch we need

Designed by Renault Sport in collaboration with Brazilian designers and Renault engineers in Latin America, the Sandero RS is the budget fun car we need.
19th December 2019
Hyundai Aura sketch

The Aura is proof that you shouldn’t trust Hyundai’s Tinder profile

The Hyundai Aura has been revealed. Although the Shatchback won't be coming to the UK, it's proof that you shouldn't always believe a Tinder profile.