Automotive waffle

25th January 2016
Skoda garage door

Exclusive: it’s a Skoda garage door, honest

Skoda set to launch exclusive range of new garage doors, but denies reports that a super-fast vRS version is planned. Also, no TwinDoor is expected.
21st January 2016
Quentin Willson

Survey reveals the motoring names you’re getting wrong

A survey conducted by Dumbstreet and Bradbeers has revealed the seven motoring names people are most likely to misspell.
20th January 2016
Autobianchi Bianchina Panoramica

The Autobianchi Bianchina Panoramica was a shooting brake for ladies

Bella! PetrolBlog falls in love with an Autobianchi Bianchina Panoramica - a shooting brake made for the middle class ladies of Milan.
18th January 2016
Sliced Bread

Official: new Ford Focus RS is the new sliced bread

Simply the best? As the world and its wife gives the new Ford Focus RS a set of glowing five-star reviews, sliced bread is set for an uncertain future.
7th January 2016
Many cars sold in the UK

Breaking news: many cars sold in the UK

The SMMT has released figures that reveal many cars were sold in the UK in 2015. Using words like ‘boosted’, ‘exceeded’ and ‘outperforming’, the SMMT was […]
7th January 2016
Audi 80 B2

Regrets: Audi 80 GLE

Would you buy an Audi 80 GLE without driving it first and having only viewed it in the dark and rain? PetrolBlog did and lived to regret it.
5th January 2016
Renault 5 Gordini

Billy and the Renault 5 Gordini

Line up your cheese footballs and don your party hats, because the Renault 5 Gordini – or more specifically, the Renault 5 Alpine – is turning 40 […]
23rd December 2015
Merry Christmas from PetrolBlog

Merry Christmas from PetrolBlog

PetrolBlog would like to thank all its customers and wish them all the very best for a happy and healthy 2016. Sadly, we no longer accept Luncheon […]
23rd October 2015
And on That Bombshell book

And on That Bombshell: a book review

PetrolBlog has a read of And on That Bombshell, a book by Richard Porter, on that little known motoring show, Top Gear.
21st October 2015
1984 MG Maestro 1600

I drove an MG Maestro 1600 and it wasn’t rubbish

My nine-year-old self was in his element when I finally got the chance to drive an MG Maestro 1600. Was it worth the 30-year wait? You bet it was.
19th October 2015
Chrysler PT Cruiser Sport

The Unlovables: Chrysler PT Cruiser

Ah, the Chrysler PT Cruiser, hated by the masses, but some 1.35 million found homes across the world. Is it time to show it some love?
15th October 2015
Mercedes-Benz 230E on PetrolBlog

Oh Lord, I’ve bought a Mercedes-Benz W123

Wait, what? PetrolBlog has actually bought a socially-acceptable classic car? Introducing the Mercedes-Benz W123. It's very gold.