Automotive waffle

1st April 2016
Volvo moth detection system

No moth should be killed or injured by a new Volvo

Safety in flight: PetrolBlog understands that Volvo is testing a number of safety devices as it aims to reduce the number of moth deaths to zero.
30th March 2016

Oh Nicole, the Mk1 Renault Clio has aged so well

Papa! As the Mk1 Renault Clio celebrates its 25th anniversary, PetrolBlog asks, which has aged better, the Mk1 Clio or Nicole?
21st March 2016
Mk2 Honda Accord and AA truck

Honda Accord hates winter storage, throws a hissy fit

She's been in winter storage for six months and it's fair to say she didn't enjoy the experience. A few problems later and the Honda Accord is home. Just.
21st March 2016
Hyundai i10 Scrappage

Red i Syndrome – the legacy of Scrappage

Thanks to the government scrappage scheme, the nation's streets are going to be littered with red base-spec Hyundais. Will nobody think of the children?
19th March 2016
Renault Laguna Evado concept

Renault Evado: the best Laguna we never got?

PetrolBlog asks, is the Renault Evado concept, unveiled at the 1995 Geneva Motor Show, the best Laguna we never got? Some 'wood' say so...
17th March 2016

Auto Trader Mandy and her topless Vauxhall Cavalier

Twenty years ago, when you advertised a car for sale in the Auto Trader, Mandy would arrive in her topless Vauxhall Cavalier.
18th February 2016
PetrolBlog is six years old

PetrolBlog celebrates its sixth birthday

PetrolBlog is celebrating its sixth birthday, so it's off to the local Berni Inn for a steak, before a slow drive along the promenade. We know how to live.
16th February 2016
BMW i3 Mr Benn

BMW launches i3 inspired by Mr Benn

Exclusive: at an exclusive event at 52, Festive Road, BMW has launched an exclusive new BMW i3 Mr Benn exclusive edition. Did we mention exclusive?
29th January 2016
The end of the Land Rover

UK in mourning after death of much-loved national treasure

Ministers are being asked to consider a national day of mourning, as the final Land Rover Defender trundles off the Solihull production line.
28th January 2016
Sexy Volvo 780 Coupe

Why the Volvo 780 is sexier than the P1800

It's generally accepted that the P1800 is the sexiest Volvo ever made. But PetrolBlog begs to differ. Step forward the glorious Volvo 780 coupe.
27th January 2016
The PetrolBlog Fleet

Meet the PetrolBlog fleet

Want to know more about the PetrolBlog fleet? Here's an introduction to the six cars that currently live at PBHQ, from a W123 Merc to a Citroën C4 Cactus.
26th January 2016
Citroens for sale at Retromobile 2016

10 Citroëns to fall in love with at the Rétromobile sale

From a 1961 Citroën 2CV Sahara to a 2007 Citroën C6, we list 10 cars most likely to appeal when part of the Trigano collection is auctioned at Retromobile.