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6th July 2016
2016 Nissan Note Black Edition

Nissan Note Black Edition: humdrum to holy moly

The Nissan Note Black Edition: the best looking B-road obstacle the world has ever seen? PetrolBlog thinks so.
30th June 2016
Scrap motorway hard shoulder

Hard shoulder plans leave motorists ‘shocked and appalled’

Government plan to convert hundreds of miles of hard shoulder into permanent motorway lanes has left Britain's motorists 'shocked and appalled'
24th June 2016

Can I have a quick pee please, Bob?

On the UK motorway network, there's no such thing as a quick wee. Spending a penny requires time, patience and a very strong bladder.
28th May 2016
Skoda Citigo Monte Carlo Grand Prix

Move over Monaco, we want the St Ives Grand Prix

Would St Ives be the perfect town to host a British equivalent of the Monaco Grand Prix? It’s a question nobody has ever asked, but PetrolBlog […]
11th May 2016
Renault 14 TS

The Renault 14 was ‘quite a nice car’

Nice pear? According to a 1983 review in the Motorists Guide, the Renault 14 was 'quite a nice car', but one that was unlikely impress the neighbours.
4th May 2016
Renault 4 Glitterball

PetrolBlog in Unexpected Places: The Glitterball

Hands up if you remember The Glitterball film of 1977. It was one of the Children’s Film Foundation movies, many of which seemed to be screened […]
29th April 2016
1993 Toyota Corolla XLi

The perils of being an amateur car photographer

Have you ever been caught taking a photo of a 1993 Toyota Corolla? PetrolBlog has. It's tough being an amateur car photographer
26th April 2016
Yellow Citroen Xsara VTS

Fizzy pop: the cars that make you go Mmmm

Cars that make you go Mmmm. Call it fizzy logic, but PetrolBlog names four cars that make this author go weak at the knees. Contains Citroën Xsara VTS joy.
21st April 2016
Girl using phone while driving

Using a hand-held mobile phone at the wheel? You’re an idiot

A little rant about the use of hand-held mobile phones while driving. Sorry, it just has to be said.
19th April 2016
2000 Volkswagen Beetle

This is what a 315,000-mile VW Beetle looks like

PetrolBlog hears about a 315,000-mile VW Beetle that has been laid up for three years. The question is: will this particular Beetle ride again?
12th April 2016
93 VW Corrado VR6

Back for good: Volkswagen Corrado VR6

After an absence of seven years, the Volkswagen Corrado VR6 has returned to the PetrolBlog fold. This time, it's for good.
8th April 2016
Yellow Perodua Nippa

I’m in love with Reg Thompson’s Nippa

While trawling the internet, PetrolBlog stumbles across Reg Thompson's Nippa and immediately falls in love.