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12th March 2010
Peugeot 207 S16

Peugeot: Will the lion roar again?

Enough is enough. Peugeot has been building dull and boring cars for too long. The question is: will the lion roar again?
9th March 2010
My First (Hyundai) Pony

Whatever happened to the Hyundai Pony

Once upon a time, PetrolBlog doodled cars like the Hyundai Pony at school. Today, all the Ponies have bolted and there are hardly any left.
8th March 2010
Skoda Fabia vRS Shell V-Power

I just want to fill my car and go

PetrolBlog takes a rose tinted look at the halcyon days of petrol retailing, a distant age that has been confined to history.
4th March 2010

PetrolBlog’s top 10 car adverts

Commercial break: from Volkswagen's Singing in the Rain to Honda's Impossible Dream, PetrolBlog lists the top 10 car adverts of all time.
3rd March 2010
KTM X-Bow at Goodwood

How does the Skeleton gold medalist drive to work?

Rumour has it that skeleton gold medallist Amy Williams is returning home to Great Britain and heading straight to a showroom to buy a new car. But what?
2nd March 2010
Chryler Alpine red

Whatever happened to the Chrysler Alpine?

PetrolBlog asks: whatever happened to the Chrysler Alpine? The 1976 European Car of the Year has disappeared without a trace.
1st March 2010
Ford Probe red

Ford Probe: Snapper to crusher in 16 years

One minute it's being celebrated by Jeremy Clarkson, the next minute it's being crushed by the DVLA. But is it time to mourn the passing of the Ford Probe?
27th February 2010
Impracticable for cars

The language of petrolhead

Txt spk. It is now the second language of a generation. In fact, it is probably the first language of many people. I tried to introduce […]
25th February 2010
2003 Kia Magentis

Transformers: Kia in disguise

Kia has released images of the new Magentis concept cars and PetrolBlog is impressed. Does it represent a turning point for the brand?
23rd February 2010
Citroen Visa GTI on track

Whatever happened to the Citroën Visa?

The Citroën Visa. In the 80s, they seemed to be everywhere. Today, you’re much more likely to see the C15 diesel van with 200k miles on […]
22nd February 2010
Feeder Logo

The car’s the star (of the song)

From Oasis to Feeder, PetrolBlog lists a selection of songs in which the car's the star of the lyrics. Sing along now, after three...
21st February 2010
Looking good on 3-spoke alloys

Make Saab eccentric again

A plea to make Saab eccentric again. Is it too much to ask?