Automotive waffle

9th August 2010

Audi: Distress signals

When I was growing up, I considered Audi to be superheroes. I wanted my Dad to buy a ur quattro, but to my untrained eye, the […]
4th August 2010
Badger BMW

Supporting the Badger cull

Automotive badgers. Those who feel the need to stick badges on their cars to make them appear to be something they're not.
28th July 2010
Dongfeng Peugeot 207 Sedan

Shatchbacks 2: Judgment Day

It would appear that I’m not alone in my irrational hatred of Shatchbacks. My previous list of horrors was quite clearly just the proverbial tip of […]
21st July 2010

Triumph TR7 – the real thing?

It is a quote that has passed into popular motoring folklore. Legendary car designer and PetrolBlog regular, Giorgetto Giugiaro was said to be slightly unimpressed with […]
20th July 2010
Hyundai Stellar

Whatever happened to the Hyundai Stellar

For many years, a Stella has been the central factor to a Friday or Saturday night out on town. A few too many and then it […]
13th July 2010
Peugeot 308

Happy Birthday Peugeot, fancy a game?

Peugeot is currently making a big song and dance about celebrating 200 years of its brand. Every employee of the French car giant is currently tucking […]
6th July 2010
Ford Focus saloon

Shatchbacks: Give them the boot

Let’s face it, there are certain types of car that divide opinion. One man’s off road warrior is another man’s polar bear destroyer. Indeed, the 4×4 […]
2nd July 2010

Ponton physics – my encounter with an old Merc

My invitation to the launch of the new Range Rover Evoque sadly never arrived. I’m putting it down to the poor postal service on the moors. […]
1st July 2010

As Jack White said, Truth Doesn’t Make A Noise

In a change from the usual automotive waffle found on PetrolBlog, we’ve gone and got ourselves a real writer. With thanks and gratitude to James Clark […]
30th June 2010
VW Passat W8

Volkswagen Passat: Hurry up and W8

I guess I should have seen it coming. No sooner had the Land Rover arrived and my thoughts began turning to the next car to join […]
29th June 2010
Bangerwatch: Proton Satria GTi

Car confessional: Part 2

A couple of weeks ago PetrolBlog became an automotive confessional (see A chance to share automotive guilty secrets and release the pressure from the shoulders […]
24th June 2010
Lancia Fulvia concept

An open letter to Lancia

MajorGav, PetrolBlog, The Interweb, UK. Lancia, Fiat Group Automobiles Corso G. Agnelli 200, 10135 Torino Italia 24th June 2010 Dear Lancia, Today was Alfa Romeo’s 100th Birthday. A […]