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22nd October 2010
Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo: The ultimate intro

So, Gran Turismo 5 has been delayed again. There are actually rumours that it will be renamed GT5: The Retro & Classic edition in recognition of […]
21st October 2010
Skoda Fabia vRS

Cakes & Castles: The outtakes

Some almost amusing outtakes from the recent Skoda Fabia vRS Cakes & Castles video.
16th October 2010
Citroen AX GT PetrolBlog

Citroën AX GT: La boîte de grenouilles

A Citroen AX GT arrives as PetrolBlog's latest long termer.
15th October 2010
PetrolBlog logo

New PetrolBlog long termer

The Box of Frogs has been and gone, so it is time for the next PetrolBlog long termer. Only just back from picking it up and […]
15th October 2010
Skoda Fabia vRS

Skoda Fabia vRS: Cakes & Castles

MajorGav sent his prodige Tom off to Castle Drogo Dartmoor to see if it is possible to compare a Skoda Fabia vRS to a cake. With […]
7th October 2010
MK1 Scirocco

Perfect Dub: VW MK1 Scirocco

The perfect Dub - the MK1 Scirocco
24th September 2010

Beware the Car booters, Doggies and Tippers

PetrolBlog takes a look at three breeds of drivers who seem hellbent on ruining a good Sunday morning drive - the booters, doggies and tippers.
21st September 2010
Volkswagen VW Jetta

A Shatchback to prove GreenCarsRock

Regular readers of PetrolBlog will know that I have an irrational hatred of Shatchbacks. For the uninitiated, a Shatchback is the automotive equivalent of an afterthought – […]
16th September 2010
Green VW Scirocco

10 green cars sitting on a blog

A selection of 10 cars that look great in green paint.
10th September 2010
Nicole Renault Clio

Shatchbacks 3: The Rise of the Machines

The third instalment of Shatchbacks, a look at four more booted hatchbacks that bring horror to our roads. The sedans in question here include the Ford Ikon, Ford Orion, Renault Clio Sedan and Seat Cordoba. Also features some light relief courtesy of Nicole from the Clio ads.
3rd September 2010

The Classifieds Indulger: Fezzas, Astons, Fords & the avoidable

Ace automotive tweeter and blogger Charlie Johnson has been engaging in an activity that seems to come very naturally to us petrolheads. The art of whiling […]
17th August 2010
Nissan Rasheen

Major Oddity: Nissan Rasheen

The Nissan X-Trail has been around for the best part of a decade and as such is quite a common sight on Britain’s roads. But there’s […]