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9th May 2011
Volkswagen Amarok

Volkswagen Amarok: the new Fred Dibnah?

Volkswagen pulls down a chimney with some help of four new Amaroks. As Fred Dibnah would have said, did you like that?
6th May 2011
citroen ami

Whatever happened to the Top Gear challenge cars?

Have you ever wondered what happened to the Top Gear challenge cars? PetrolBlog paid a visit to the Beaulieu Motor Museum to find out.
5th May 2011
Audi Q5 Cross Cabriolet

Vorsprung Durch Crisis: Audi Q5 Cross Cabriolet

Audi is rumoured to be considering putting the Q5 Cross Cabriolet into production. PetrolBlog suggests that they reconsider.
3rd May 2011

Here’s one they made earlier: Nissan Micra

Glam metal band Cinderella once sang that you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Many a true word spoken by the long haired rockers […]
2nd May 2011
Motorbike on PetrolBlog

Think Bike

Over the long weekend I spent a good few hours on the road and the good weather had brought out a large number of bikers. I saw Dutch, German and Belgian registered bikes as well as a huge number of British riders. I'm often told that bikers are the devil's work and exist purely to irritate other road users and kill fluffy kittens. Well I'm sorry, but if my experience over the weekend is anything to go by, bikers are actually the most courteous, respectful and diligent users of the road. They also seem to be having the most fun too.
25th April 2011
Ferrari FF

My super cars aren’t supercars

PetrolBlog enters a relatively unknown territory and makes a rather shocking confession about supercars. Time to hand over the petrolhead badge? You decide.
20th April 2011
On days like these

On days like these

For us, driving isn't a means to an end, it is one of life's gifts. The pleasure isn't in arriving, it is in getting there.
18th April 2011
Suzuki Jimny: How not to do video reviews

Suzuki Jimny: How not to do video reviews

At a recent Suzuki press launch, we were given the keys to a Suzuki Jimny, pointed in the direction of a nearby field and told to have some fun. Well it would be rude not to take up the opportunity, so here's James Batchelor doing a couple of laps of the field.
14th April 2011
Audi Q3

Here’s one they made earlier: Audi Q3 vs Rover Streetwise

As Audi unveils the Q3, the compact SUV, PetrolBlog offers an older and somewhat cheaper alternative from Rover.
13th April 2011
Daihatsu Charade Shatchback

Shatchbacks V: The Final Frontier?

Four more Shatchbacks for your viewing pleasure, this time courtesy of Daewoo, Daihatsu, Fiat and Citroen. Contains images that are not necessarily safe for work.
11th April 2011
Honda Accord Shed

PetrolBlog buys a shed

Inspired by James Ruppert and Bangernomics, PetrolBlog buys a shed. Surely this can only end in tears? Driving on a wing and a prayer. And a budget.
29th March 2011
Rusty Austin Minivan on PetrolBlog

Rust in pieces: Austin Minivan

Ever wondered what would happen if you left an old Austin Minivan exposed to the elements on Dartmoor for a number of years? Have a look here.