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28th June 2011
Sao Penza

The hunt for Sao Penza

According to, there is only one Sao Penza left (legally) roaming the streets of Britain. That’s right, just one Sao Penza. And you’d forgotten all […]
27th June 2011
Honda logo badge

Extreme Bangernomics: Million mile Honda Accord

A case of extreme Bangernomics. One man and his million mile Honda Accord. An inspiration to us all?!
24th June 2011

PetrolBlog goes to the #AUTOTweetUP

PetrolBlog gets an invite to the inaugural AUTOTweetUp hosted by Auto Trader in London. Here's a few words on it.
20th June 2011
Bangerwatch: Volvo 480

Bangerwatch: Volvo 480

PetrolBlog launches a new series called Bangerwatch and kicks off with the Volvo 480. Sadly you won't find Kate Humble here.
17th June 2011
Dawn Refuelling

PetrolBlog introduces…Dawn Refuelling

PetrolBlog introduces Dawn Refuelling. A new event for the south west of England. With some support, it might just happen.
13th June 2011
Vauxhall Insignia 2.0 CDTi 160 EcoFlex Elite side

Long term test: Vauxhall Insignia 2.0 CDTi 160 EcoFlex Elite

Rob Griggs-Taylor joins PetrolBlog as a resident blogger and in his first post gives the lowdown on his Vauxhall Insignia EcoFlex Elite.
9th June 2011
Cashier – Nothing to Do

The Esso sign means happy motoring. Really?

PetrolBlog wonders if the days of good customer service are over?
7th June 2011
Audi S6 Washer Jet

Washer jets: the unsung heroes of the road

PetrolBlog celebrates one of the motoring world's greatest unsung heroes. With us always, but never given the recognition they deserve.
6th June 2011
Honda Accord 2.2i VTEC in Devizes

Honda Accord Type-Shed: an update

Two months and 1,781 miles of life with the PetrolBlog Shed. So how is the Honda Accord Type-Shed performing so far?
1st June 2011
PetrolBlog logo

The greatest car movie of all time?

According to a recent survey by Honda, The Italian Job is the greatest car movie of all time. I find it hard to disagree with the […]
24th May 2011
Car Magazines

Car magazines: Olden but golden?

PetrolBlog wonders whether the move towards digital car magazines will ever quite match the magical and nostalgic qualities of their printed cousins.
12th May 2011
WoodPigeon on PetrolBlog

Driving with Angry Birds

PetrolBlog has a little say about the number of birds who seem hellbent on dicing with death on our roads. It is all becoming too much.