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12th September 2011
Copy Cat: Peugeot 508 GT HDi 200

Copy Cat: Peugeot 508 GT HDi 200

PetrolBlog tests the new Peugeot 508 GT HDi 200 and discovers that, alongside the brilliant RCZ, Peugeot may have just rediscovered its mojo.
9th September 2011
Eterniti Hemera

Eterniti Hemera: So who asked for a ‘Super-SUV’?

Apparently this is the Eterniti Hemera - a new and exciting 'Super-SUV'. All PetrolBlog wants to know is, who on earth asked for it?
9th September 2011
Bangerwatch: Fiat Uno Turbo IE

Bangerwatch: Fiat Uno Turbo i.e

PetrolBlog finds a Fiat Uno Turbo in the classified and urges someone to buy it. The rescue job is on!
23rd August 2011
PetrolBlog logo

PetrolBlog’s minor irritants

PetrolBlog lists seven minor irritants that strangely don't appear on any company press releases. Weird.
10th August 2011
Suzuki reveals the new Swift Sport

Suzuki reveals the new Swift Sport

Suzuki has revealed a photo of the new Swift Sport, due to be launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month. It goes on sale next year.
3rd August 2011
Daihatsu Charade XTE

A game of Charades

PetrolBlog reminisces about the Daihatsu Charade XTE and starts a campaign to buy one before they all disappear.
2nd August 2011
Bangerwatch: renault 11 turbo

Bangerwatch: Renault 11 Turbo

PetrolBlog finds a Renault 11 Turbo in the classifieds. Surely it is worth £500 for the yellow fog lights alone?
28th July 2011
Volvo Ocean Race Yacht on Solent

Guests may want to take sea sickness tablets

A sailor, or someone actively involved with sailing, is seven times more likely to buy a Volvo than the average man in the street. Wow.
26th July 2011
Porsche 911 at Estoril

PetrolBlog at the Michelin Pilot Performance Day, Estoril

PetrolBlog is invited to one of the Michelin Pilot Performance Days at Estoril and falls in love with a Porsche and some slick tyres.
23rd July 2011
Audi urS6 Avant

Cutbacks for the PetrolBlog Fleet

Drastic cutbacks for the PetrolBlog Fleet as the Audi and Land Rover are deemed surplus to requirements. The hunt for replacements begins here.
21st July 2011
Dawn Refuelling

A damp start for Dawn Refuelling

A brief look back at the first Dawn Refuelling event held last Sunday. It was a little wet, wet, wet. But good fun was had by all.
12th July 2011
Nightmare Car

The UK’s nightmare car?

Warranty Direct reveals what it calls the UK's 'nightmare car'. PetrolBlog finds it strangely appealing...