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22nd September 2011

Minor Details: Jeep Cherokee KJ number plate

PetrolBlog introduces 'Minor Details', a look at the small details that can make or break a car. First up is the Jeep Cherokee KJ number plate.
21st September 2011
mazda 323 saloon

Shatchbacks VI: Hatchbacks Under Siege

After five months away, PetrolBlog unleashes more booted horrors on to the interweb. That's right - it's time for Shatchbacks VI. Warning - may contain nuts.
19th September 2011

Skoda at Frankfurt: MissionL accomplished?

Skoda unveils the MissionL and, where others have seen criticism, wins approval from PetrolBlog. The future's bright for Skoda.
17th September 2011
renault fuego turbo

The Fuego rises from the flames

The number of Renault Fuego Turbos on the road has increased from three to six during the last quarter. This is rather good news.
16th September 2011
Honda Accord Type-Shed

L@@K, there’s a PetrolBlog Shed on eBay.

L@@K! Time with the PetrolBlog Shed is coming to an end. The Honda Accord Type-Shed has been listed on eBay. Ooh.
13th September 2011
Maserati Kubang: as if one 'Super-SUV' wasn't enough...

Maserati Kubang: as if one ‘Super-SUV’ wasn’t enough…

Fans of tasteless and vulgar cars have never had it so good. Hot on the heels of the Eterniti Haemorrhoid comes the Maserati Kubang. What's the betting that the same person who demanded the creation of the Eterniti also demanded a Maserati SUV?
13th September 2011
Road Rage Man on PetrolBlog

Oh Mr Touran Man, do calm down

PetrolBlog witnessed an incident of road rage on the way in to the office, so presents a blog post for Mr Touran Man.
12th September 2011
Copy Cat: Peugeot 508 GT HDi 200

Copy Cat: Peugeot 508 GT HDi 200

PetrolBlog tests the new Peugeot 508 GT HDi 200 and discovers that, alongside the brilliant RCZ, Peugeot may have just rediscovered its mojo.
9th September 2011
Eterniti Hemera

Eterniti Hemera: So who asked for a ‘Super-SUV’?

Apparently this is the Eterniti Hemera - a new and exciting 'Super-SUV'. All PetrolBlog wants to know is, who on earth asked for it?
9th September 2011
Bangerwatch: Fiat Uno Turbo IE

Bangerwatch: Fiat Uno Turbo i.e

PetrolBlog finds a Fiat Uno Turbo in the classified and urges someone to buy it. The rescue job is on!
23rd August 2011
PetrolBlog logo

PetrolBlog’s minor irritants

PetrolBlog lists seven minor irritants that strangely don't appear on any company press releases. Weird.
10th August 2011
Suzuki reveals the new Swift Sport

Suzuki reveals the new Swift Sport

Suzuki has revealed a photo of the new Swift Sport, due to be launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month. It goes on sale next year.