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25th September 2012
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A new addition to the PetrolBlog Fleet?

There's a new addition to the PetrolBlog Fleet. Here's a sneak preview of the new arrival.
21st September 2012
PetrolBlog’s Car Confessional- Peugeot 1007

Car Confessional: Peugeot 1007

The long awaited return of PetrolBlog's Car Confessional, featuring the much maligned Peugeot 1007. It upset James Bond, don't you know.
20th September 2012
Impreza with PetrolBlog sticker

Madness, motoring, mountains and PetrolBlog stickers

The Mad Mountain Motoring Club has just returned from an epic 3,300 mile journey around Europe. And PetrolBlog played a very small part.
19th September 2012
Bangerwatch: Renault 11

Bangerwatch: Renault 11 1.4 TSE automatic

PetrolBlog stumbles across a very original, ex-Avis Rent A Car Renault 11 in the classifieds. It must be time for Bangerwatch.
17th September 2012
Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 Cabriolet

PetrolBlog drives a Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 Cabriolet

Thanks to Adrian Crawford, PetrolBlog took a Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 to the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Here are some words.
12th September 2012

Bangerwatch: Renault 9TL Biarritz

PetrolBlog finds a Renault 9TL Biarritz languishing on eBay Motors. Only £200 for one of Robert Opron's finest creations.
12th September 2012
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PetrolBlog’s alternative guide to classified ads and online auctions

With the help of Antony Ingram, have a read of PetrolBlog's alternative guide to classified ads and online auctions. You'll be glad you did.
30th August 2012
1967 Volvo Amazon at the Pentillie Festival of Speed 2012

Muddy good fun: Pentillie Festival of Speed 2012

PetrolBlog went to the Pentillie Festival of Speed last weekend. Here are some words and pictures from the event.
30th August 2012
Citroen number plates

PetrolBlog’s OCD guide to buying a car

PetrolBlog loves buying cars. Almost as much as it loves searching for them on the internet. Here are some OCD buying habits.
29th August 2012
Insight on the road

Hybrid love: The MK1 Honda Insight

Can a hybrid really stir the soul of a petrolhead who has V-Power running through their veins? If it's the MK1 Honda Insight, then most certainly.
27th August 2012

Renault Kangoo: Van Extraordinaire

Dave Bicker returns to PetrolBlog with some words on the Renault Kangoo, or Van Extraordinaire.
26th August 2012

Antony Ingram’s Dales Dash

Antony Ingram has been out driving some classic cars on the Yorkshire Dales. Here he recounts his experience for PetrolBlog.