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31st January 2013
Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum Auction

The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum auction

The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum is the world's largest collection of small cars. As the museum closes its doors, we look at the pick of the auction sale.
25th January 2013
Skoda Felicia estate

Retrospective: Skoda Felicia

PetrolBlog has been rummaging through the filing cabinet to look for old press photos. First up is the star of the mid ‘90s, the Skoda Felicia.
22nd January 2013

David’s Ugly Convertibles

David Tillyer has a thing about ugly convertibles. Here he lists his four worst offenders and asks if you can name anything more hideous.
21st January 2013
Skoda Yeti Laurin and Klement Badge

Time to dust off the budget badge: Skoda Yeti 4×4

Skoda has unveiled a new range-topping Laurin & Klement spec for the Yeti. PetrolBlog wonders if a budget version would be more apt.
17th January 2013
Bangerwatch: Subaru Justy 4WD

Bangerwatch: Subaru Justy 4WD

It's going to snow tomorrow, so PetrolBlog has helpfully selected a rather fine Subaru Justy 4WD from eBay. That's public service right there.
16th January 2013
Renault Laguna RTi

Car Confessional: MK1 Renault Laguna

The first Car Confessional of 2013 features the MK1 Renault Laguna. A confession too far? You tell us.
14th January 2013
Peugeot 106 Maxi at Autosport International 2013

Antony Ingram goes to Autosport International

Antony Ingram has been to Autosport International. Here are his words and pictures from the event.
10th January 2013
Bangerwatch: Proton Satria GTi

Bangerwatch: Proton Satria GTi

The first Bangerwatch of 2013 pays hommage to the underrated and often overlooked Proton Satria GTi. It's a bit good.
8th January 2013
1995 Citroën ZX 16v in garage

PetrolBlog Fleet update: January 2013

Starting as I mean to go on, here's a brief re-introduction to the cars that currently make up the PetrolBlog Fleet.
7th January 2013
PetrolBlog logo

Happy New Waffle from PetrolBlog

Flu, floods and festivities have kept PetrolBlog on the back burner. But now it's back and ready to face 2013. Do it.
17th December 2012
Chequered Flag

PetrolBlog’s Sports Unsung Hero: Bob Abrahams

As this is the season to give out sporting trophies, PetrolBlog salutes Bob Abrahams and gives him a Sports Unsung Hero award.
13th December 2012
PetrolBlog logo

FailCar rants: Journalism and PR – walk the line

FailCar rants on the blurred line between genuine motoring journalism and paid-for editorials. What do you think?