Automotive waffle

20th April 2013
MK2 Ford Cortina

In showrooms now: MK2 PetrolBlog 2.0 GT

An introduction to the new and hopefully improved MK2 PetrolBlog. Now with vinyl roof and rear wash-wipe as standard and at no extra cost.
21st March 2013
PetrolBlog's Big Day Out at the Vauxhall Heritage Centre

PetrolBlog’s Big Day Out at the Vauxhall Heritage Centre

PetrolBlog is heading back to the Vauxhall Heritage Centre and offering one PetrolBlog reader the chance to join us.
15th March 2013

PetrolBlog presents: Hillclimbing on a budget

PetrolBlog and Ralph Hosier present Hillclimbing on a budget. An idea that, with some luck and a strong following wind, might just bear some fruit.
13th March 2013
Wake up call: Citroën ZX 16v on PetrolBlog

Wake up call: Citroën ZX 16v

Wake up call: PetrolBlog awakens from its slumber to take the Citroën ZX 16v into Cornwall on a Dawn Raid. Much coffee was consumed.
26th February 2013
Austin Allegro

Regrets: Chris Smith’s Austin Allegro 1100

Inspired by Peter's recent regretful tale about his Triumph Dolomite, Chris Smith has penned a few words on his old Austin Allegro.
21st February 2013

Jeckythump’s Real World Dream Shed

Jonathan Kershaw has decided to put a different spin on the Real World Dream Barn by creating a Real World Dream Shed.
11th February 2013
Citroen ZX Volcane for sale

Bangerwatch: 1993 Citroën ZX Volcane TD

Bangerwatch: PetrolBlog gets hot under the collar about a 3-door ZX Volcane turbo diesel for sale. The original diesel hot hatch, don't ya know?
8th February 2013
Daewoo Nexia at M&S

Retrospective: Daewoo Nexia

It's Retrospective, featuring the Daewoo Nexia, Jennifer 'The Power of Love' Rush and a lady wearing a bath towel. Oh yes indeed.
7th February 2013
jeep cherokee sport

Old Gold Top Gear: Jeep Cherokee XJ

It's time for some Old Gold Top Gear, featuring the music of Bruce Springsteen and the venerable Jeep Cherokee. Americana on PetrolBlog.
6th February 2013
I Spy Car Number Plates

The Number Plate Game

Darren introduces the number plate game and then PetrolBlog attempts to pick the best number plate of all time. Slow news day?
1st February 2013
citroen ax gti

Retrospective: Citroën AX

Retrospective is back, this time featuring the Citroen AX, Gabby Logan, Cheryl Baker and a cycling drug cheat. Allegedly.
31st January 2013

Cameron’s theory of manual evolution

Cameron Gibson is a worried man. He's worried that the glory days of the manual gearbox are behind us. He makes his feelings known on PetrolBlog.