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29th May 2013
PetrolBlog joins a convoy of MINIs from Munich to Tuscany

Three countries, two MINIs and one epic drive

The Italian Job? Three countries, two MINIs, one epic drive: PetrolBlog drives from Munich to Florence in a pair of MINIs. It turned out to be an epic drive.
28th May 2013
Yesterday's Specials: Fiat Panda Alessi

Yesterday’s Specials: Fiat Panda Alessi

The return of Yesterday's Specials on PetrolBlog, featuring the quite brilliant and super cool Fiat Panda Alessi. We've even found one for sale. Go on, you know you want to.
25th May 2013
The Weekend Supplement on PetrolBlog

The Weekend Supplement: 25th May 2013

It's the PetrolBlog Weekend Supplement, featuring some satisfactory waffle, the Scirocco Million, Steve Soper, Auto Trader and a Ford Orion 1.6i Ghia. Enjoy.
24th May 2013
Red Proton Preve UK

Is the Proton Prevé coming to the UK?

Could Proton be on the verge of bringing two new models to the UK? Introducing the Proton Prevé which looks destined for a UK launch some time soon.
23rd May 2013
Old Gold Top Gear: Proton MPI

Old Gold Top Gear: Proton MPI

It's time for Old Gold Top Gear, which this week features a tanktop-wearing Chris Goffey reviewing the delightfully retro Proton MPI. Look out for some shameless littering too.
22nd May 2013
Shatchback: Mitsubishi Attrage

Shatchbacks VIII: The Dark Nights Return

The year of the Shatch? Far from dying a slow and hideous death, the Shatchback is enjoying a renaissance. Check out these five current horror stories. Warning: contains mild horror.
22nd May 2013
Team PB drives: MK1 Vauxhall Astra GTE

Team PB drives: MK1 Vauxhall Astra GTE

Team PB heads to the Vauxhall Heritage Centre to drive a selection of Vauxhalls old and new. Here's a review of the MK1 Vauxhall Astra GTE.
20th May 2013
Right-hand drive Trabant 601 interior

Even better than the real thing: right-hand drive Trabant

Achtung Baby! PetrolBlog discovers an ultra-rare right-hand drive Trabant 601 in the classifieds and now wants to fly to Bucharest to take it for a drive.
19th May 2013
The Weekend Supplement on PetrolBlog

The Weekend Supplement: 18th May 2013

PetrolBlog's Weekend Supplement is back for a second week, featuring Alitala, McLaren, a wrecked Mini and a Oltcit 1100R. Eclectic to the bitter end.
15th May 2013
Is the PetrolBlog Citroen AX facing the chop?

Is the Citroën AX GT facing the chop?

The PetrolBlog Citroën AX GT isn't well. That much was already obvious, but the work required to get her roadworthy is much worse than expected...
14th May 2013
Whatever happened to: the Renault 25?

Whatever happened to the Renault 25?

PetrolBlog asks, whatever happened to the Renault 25? With a Gandini-designed interior and the sumptuous Bacarra version, the 25 needs more respect.
13th May 2013
It's the new 2014 Peugeot 308 on PetrolBlog

The new 2014 Peugeot 308 looks a bit good

Blimey, this is the new 2014 Peugeot 308 that's going to be unveiled at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. PetrolBlog reckons it looks a bit good.