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7th January 2014
PetrolBlog Fleet - Daewoo Musso TD

PetrolBlog Fleet: Daewoo Musso TD

There's a new addition to the PetrolBlog Fleet - a 2002 Daewoo Musso TD. No, really. Put it this way - we're running one, so you don't have to.
6th January 2014
New Year's Resolutions 1989 Citroen AX GT

PetrolBlog’s new year’s resolutions

Happy New Year, etc, etc. PetrolBlog says goodbye to 2013 and hello to 2014 with a series of new year's resolutions. Thanks for reading. You stay classy.
16th December 2013
Delusions of Hyundai Grandeur

Delusions of Hyundai Grandeur?

The Hyundai Grandeur is the 13th fastest depreciating car in Britain. Which therefore makes the £27k luxo-barge rather appealing to PetrolBlog.
11th December 2013
Shell Lego Ferrari F1 car

Shell’s Lego Ferrari models: fill up and build

Shell is offering Lego Ferrari models with £30 of V-Power petrol or diesel. PetrolBlog reckons they're the coolest thing since Green Shield Stamps.
9th December 2013
2015 Ford Mustang for Europe

Ford Mustang: pointless loser, global icon

PetrolBlog is invited to Barcelona to see the new Ford Mustang that's destined for Europe in 2015. Will the right-hand drive Mustang live up to its promise?
5th December 2013
2004 tax disc

Tax disc: goodbye Cup Cake, we’ll miss you

PetrolBlog says a fond farewell to the humble tax disc, which is bowing out of British motoring culture. We list five things we'll miss about the tax disc.
28th November 2013
PetrolBlog Hillclimb at the Coventry MotoFest

The PetrolBlog Hillclimb is GO, GO, GO!

What started off as a crazy idea may actually become a reality, as we bring you news that the Coventry MotoFest may be hosting the PetrolBlog Hillclimb.
27th November 2013
Toyota Corolla 4WD 16v Estate with skis

Bangerwatch: Toyota Corolla 4WD Estate

With winter fast approaching, PetrolBlog is tempted by this delightfully retro Toyota Corolla 4WD Estate. Yours for about the price of a set of winter tyres
26th November 2013
1982 Honda Accord meets 2013 Accord Type-S

Soul survivor: MK2 Honda Accord Hondamatic

There's a new arrival on the PetrolBlog Fleet and it's in the shape of a 1982 Honda Accord Hondamatic. Say hello to the Honda and wave goodbye to the Audi.
20th November 2013

PetrolPod: Citroen C4 Picasso at the Harry Potter Studios, Watford

20th November 2013
PetrolBlog featured image

PetrolBlog and the problem of embarrassing odours

As readers of PetrolBlog, we all love the smell of petrol in the morning. But what happens when we're faced with an altogether more unpleasant odour?
11th October 2013
International Bright Young Thing: the 2014 Mini Moke

International Bright Young Thing: the Mini Moke is back

The Mini Moke - born in Britain, raised in the colonies, died in Portugal. And now, thanks to a company in Australia, the Moke is being resurrected. Groovy!