Automotive waffle

21st May 2014
Volvo Autonomous Drive

Autonomous driving is nothing to be scared of

PetrolBlog loves driving, but reckons a future of autonomous driving might be a good thing. Some semi-serious waffle on PB, whatever next? Pass the Hobnobs.
19th May 2014
Lotus Carlton on PetrolBlog

Hero for an hour: Lotus Carlton

PetrolBlog gets a chance to achieve a lifetime's ambition by getting behind the wheel of a Lotus Carlton. Never meet your heroes? We beg to differ.
19th May 2014

Citroën ZX 16v on the B4494

On a long drive back from Luton, PetrolBlog finds itself near the B4494 at Wantage. It grabs a GoPro and records the 'action' for posterity. Enjoy. We did.
14th May 2014
Ford Racing Puma

Confessions of a serial car tart. Is it time to settle down?

Confessions of a serial car tart. No, not the name of a 1970s-themed PetrolBlog movie, more a confession from our editor and chief waffler.
8th May 2014

PetrolPod at the launch of Volvo’s new engine range

Robin and Gavin travel to the Peak District to test the new range of efficient Volvo engines. Plus even more waffle. Yes, it's time for PetrolPod.
28th April 2014
Honda Jazz on a British B-road

Ban these party poopers and reclaim the British B-road

Enough is enough. Time to reclaim the British B-road and take back what is rightfully ours. PetrolBlog calls for a ban on these 10 motoring party poopers.
25th April 2014

Why PetrolBlog would pay for a first class taxi service

As Pure Rally launches a Lamborghini London taxi, PetrolBlog asks whether a first class taxi service would be quite the strange idea it may first appear.
24th April 2014
The new Haynes International Motor Museum Red Room

New and improved: Haynes International Motor Museum

PetrolBlog is invited to the new and greatly improved Haynes International Motor Museum in Somerset. It's great, but not everyone will enjoy it.
23rd April 2014
Fresh MOT for PetrolBlog Honda Accord

Tried and tested: Honda Accord Hondamatic

Having survived the wet winter, the PetrolBlog Honda Accord Hondmatic returns from MOT test day with a completely clean bill of health. Amazing.
27th March 2014
H-reg Volkswagen Passat GT 16v estate

The Passat GT 16v that’s practically a MK2 Golf GTi

PetrolBlog falls in love with a Volkswagen Passat GT 16v, only to find that some lucky beggar has already secured it. Oh well, back to the search for a W8.
26th March 2014
Citroen ZX Furio

Feeding the obsession with eBay Collections

PetrolBlog has teamed up with eBay to support the UK launch of eBay Collections. It's like a series of virtual Real World Dream Barns. We therefore approve.
14th March 2014
Citroen Visa with boot open

The French Car Critical List: Citroën

French Car Critical List: Citroën. PetrolBlog does some more number crunching to identify the rarest Citroën cars on the roads of Britain.