Automotive waffle

27th June 2014
Single wiper love on PetrolBlog

10 of the best: single wipers

PetrolBlog's 10 of the best cars with single wipers. Because as we all know, cars just look better with just the one wiper. Isn't that right, LJK Setright?
14th June 2014

Weekend Waffle: 14 June 2014

Weekend Waffle, featuring Pointless Variable Message Signs, a Ford Orion 1.6i Ghia, the Nissan Qashqai and how to solve a problem like Alfa Romeo.
11th June 2014

Why Lexus needs to ask for forgiveness

Dear Lexus. It's thanks to you that we're faced with the the horror of Lexus-style rear lights. We therefore request an immediate apology. Thank you.
27th May 2014

Ralph Hosier previews the Coventry MotoFest

PetrolPod is joined by Ralph Hosier to preview this weekend's Coventry MotoFest, which includes the closure of the Coventry Ring Road. Amazing!
27th May 2014
Chris Packham Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Why Chris Packham needs a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

As Kate Humble gets given a Mitsubishi L200, PetrolBlog reckons Chris Packham should get behind the wheel of an Outlander PHEV. Everyone's a winner.
23rd May 2014

PetrolPod at the SMMT Test Day, May 2014

Head up, foot up! Robin and Gavin are at the SMMT Test Day at the Millbrook proving ground to record another PetrolPod. Cars, waffle, bunks and Choc Dips.
21st May 2014
Volvo Autonomous Drive

Autonomous driving is nothing to be scared of

PetrolBlog loves driving, but reckons a future of autonomous driving might be a good thing. Some semi-serious waffle on PB, whatever next? Pass the Hobnobs.
19th May 2014
Lotus Carlton on PetrolBlog

Hero for an hour: Lotus Carlton

PetrolBlog gets a chance to achieve a lifetime's ambition by getting behind the wheel of a Lotus Carlton. Never meet your heroes? We beg to differ.
19th May 2014

Citroën ZX 16v on the B4494

On a long drive back from Luton, PetrolBlog finds itself near the B4494 at Wantage. It grabs a GoPro and records the 'action' for posterity. Enjoy. We did.
14th May 2014
Ford Racing Puma

Confessions of a serial car tart. Is it time to settle down?

Confessions of a serial car tart. No, not the name of a 1970s-themed PetrolBlog movie, more a confession from our editor and chief waffler.
8th May 2014

PetrolPod at the launch of Volvo’s new engine range

Robin and Gavin travel to the Peak District to test the new range of efficient Volvo engines. Plus even more waffle. Yes, it's time for PetrolPod.
28th April 2014
Honda Jazz on a British B-road

Ban these party poopers and reclaim the British B-road

Enough is enough. Time to reclaim the British B-road and take back what is rightfully ours. PetrolBlog calls for a ban on these 10 motoring party poopers.