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28th March 2015

Is Quentin Willson a godfather of PetrolBlog?

Well knock us down with a feather. Here's a Top Gear blast from the past which suggests that Quentin Willson could be a godfather of PetrolBlog.
25th March 2015
Why the Ford Fiesta ST should be pulled from sale

Why the Ford Fiesta ST should be pulled from sale

The Ford Fiesta ST is ruining everything. Which is why PetrolBlog is urging Ford Motor Company to pull it from sale. It's only fair.
23rd March 2015
Barn find on PetrolBlog

It’s time to reclaim the barn find

Enough is enough. It's time to reclaim the barn find. It's quite simple, if the car wasn't genuinely found in a car, it just isn't a barn find. OK?
17th February 2015
PetrolBlog is back!

Five alive! PetrolBlog is back

Goodness me, PetrolBlog has only gone and come back. For a while, the interweb was a waffle-free zone. But today, all things change. We're back, baby. Yeah.
17th February 2015
Proton Impian by the sea

Bangerwatch: Proton Impian

Bangerwatch: championing the case for and against particular budget motors. This time it's the turn of the Proton Impian. With added Lotus. Oh yes.
17th February 2015
Out of hibernation - MK2 Honda Accord

Out of hibernation: MK2 Honda Accord

Shamefully, it's eight months since the MK2 Honda Accord last hit the road. But this weekend she sprung into life, with only a small amount of assistance.
11th November 2014
Sciatica will drive you mad

Why sciatica will drive you mad

PetrolBlog's editor and chief waffler is clearly getting old as a nasty case of sciatica stops him from getting behind the wheel.
13th October 2014
3 spoke alloys Toyota RAV4

Is this the end for the three-spoke alloy wheel?

Forthcoming changes to the MOT test could signal the end for the hideous three-spoke alloy wheel. But don't worry, Saab fans, your cars will be exempt.
8th October 2014
Silver Suzuki X-90

Local radio station under fire for misleading listeners

A radio station came under fire today for what its listeners claim was a deliberate attempt to mislead them into entering a competition to win a Volvo XC90.
1st October 2014
All-new Vauxhall Viva revealed

Exclusive: new Vauxhall Viva revealed ahead of Paris

Exclusive news: ahead of its debut at the 2014 Paris Motor Show, PetrolBlog gets the lowdown on the all-new 2015 Vauxhall Viva.
22nd August 2014
Chevrolet sand castle and bikini girl

PetrolBlog prepares for its summer shutdown

It's that time of the year when PetrolBlog prepares for its annual summer shutdown. We're off camping in our Plymouth Voyager Magic Camper Package. Oh yes.
20th August 2014

Driving Honda: a book review

PetrolBlog reviews Driving Honda, a new book by Jeffrey Rothfeder, which goes behind the scenes at Honda - 'the world's most innovative car company'.