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30th June 2015
Orange Fiat 131 Racing

Orange crush: Fiat 131 Racing

Now PetrolBlog is really spoiling you. Having spotted an orange Fiat 131 Racing in rural Germany, we had to take some photos and write some words.
29th June 2015
Bangerwatch - Daewoo Matiz SE

Bangerwatch: Daewoo Matiz SE

The Daewoo Matiz could so easily have been a replacement for the Fiat 500. PetrolBlog reckons Giugiaro's design is worthy of Bangerwatch status.
27th June 2015
Plymouth to Roscoff

Why Plymouth to Roscoff is the best route across the English Channel

Crossing the Channel from Dover or Calais can be a bit of a lottery. PetrolBlog reckons the Plymouth to Roscoff route is the best option.
19th June 2015
Renaultsport Sandero 2.0

There’s a hot Sandero on the way, but you can’t drive it

Good news! Renault has finally confirmed that it will build a hot Sandero. Bad news! It's called the Renault Sandero RS and we're not getting it.
17th June 2015

The French Car Critical List: Peugeot

Last year, PetrolBlog brought you news of the rarest French cars in Britain. Now, the feature returns and the spotlight falls on the rarest Peugeots.
13th May 2015
PetrolBlog goes topless

Dear people of Britain, stop doing topless wrong

Data from Auto Trader suggests the top ten most searched for convertibles are all German. Well PetrolBlog reckons you're all doing topless wrong.
12th May 2015
Daewoo LeMans GSI

Shatch of the Day: Daewoo LeMans

Is the Daewoo LeMans saloon one of the worst Shatchbacks ever to grace the planet. Don't let the LeMans name fool you, this wasn't a slice of exotica.
6th May 2015
Frome's Jenson Button

Somerset town renamed Frome’s Jenson Button

Following years of being referred to as Frome's Jenson Button in the press, the Somerset town - 13 miles south of Bath - is to change its name.
16th April 2015
A bear in the woods

Honda, the Pope and bears scoop obvious awards

Honda, the Pope, bears and - unexpectedly - the sun were all recognised at this year's Stating The Bleeding Obvious awards ceremony. Happy days.
1st April 2015
Good lord it's the new Scion iA

Shatch of the Day: Scion iA

The Scion iA is a fish called Shatchback. Launched at the 2015 New York International Auto Show, it proves the automotive afterthought is alive and kicking
31st March 2015
Fiat Strada

PB asks: what is the best wheel design ever?

PetrolBlog is looking for the best wheel design ever. Whether you like black steelies, wheel trims or alloy wheels, we want to know your favourite. Tell us.
29th March 2015
Rear of Peugeot 504 GLD in Morlaix

The Cars Of…Roscoff and Morlaix

The Cars Of... - a new feature in which PetrolBlog documents its travels around the world (well, Europe), by snapping pics of a PetrolBlog nature.