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18th February 2021
Renault 21 Turbo

Lost Bullet is a film about a Renault 21 Turbo

Lost Bullet is a Netflix film starring a Carmen Red Renault 21 Turbo. It's like a French Fast & Furious movie, but shorter. And better.
3rd February 2021
End of the road for Toyota GT86 in the UK

PetrolBlog’s 2013 Toyota GT86 review, revisited

As the last Toyota GT86 is sold in the UK, PetrolBlog recalls the time it spent a glorious week in the company of this brilliant sports car.
2nd February 2021
Fiat Regata Energy Saving

Citymatic for the people: Fiat Regata ES

There's a beige Fiat Regata 70 ES Comfort for sale on Auto Trader. You can experience the marvel of the Citymatic system and econometer.
28th January 2021
Best corner on A360 Tilshead to Chitterne

Bend it like Mégane: Are These the Best Corners in Britain?

PetrolBlog stumbles across some promotional material for the Mk2 Renault Mégane. It begs the question: are these the best corners in Britain?
27th January 2021
Ford Sierra Swift special edition

Do you remember the Ford Sierra Swift special edition?

The Ford Sierra Swift was a Bristol Street Motors special edition of the 1980s. It came with brown stripes and a sunshine roof. Cool.
27th January 2021
BMW M5 CS Laserlight


The new BMW M5 CS is fast in a straight line, can go around corners and is quite expensive. More importantly, it has YELLOW LIGHTS.
26th January 2021
Renault 16 TS on the road

Renault 16 TS: Fast Outside, Soft Inside

Until the launch of the TX, the Renault 16 TS was the performance flagship of the range. It was one of the earliest performance hatchbacks.
23rd January 2021
The cars of Hot Fuzz

Swanning Around: Celebrating the Cars of Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz is set in the fictional village of Sandford and stars Simon Pegg as PC Nicholas Angel. Here are the best cars of the 2007 film.
21st January 2021
1997 Seat Arosa

Seat Arosa: Spanish City Car, Made in Germany

The Seat Arosa launched in 1997, a year before the arrival of the Volkswagen Lupo. PetrolBlog has found a mint example for sale.
15th January 2021
Looking back to move forward

Renault 5 Prototype: Looking Back to Move Forward

The launch of the Renault 5 Prototype is the best thing to happen in 2021. But is a homage to the past the best way to embrace the future?
23rd November 2020
2021 Toyota Camry side view

The 2021 Toyota Camry Isn’t Inspirational – But That’s OK

The UK 2021 Toyota Camry was unveiled today. If the GR Yaris entered with a bang, news of the Camry was greeted more with a whimper. But that's OK.
20th November 2020
PetrolBlog MOT Pickers

MOT Pickers: Not Coming to a TV Near You Soon

Inspired by Motor Pickers, PetrolBlog introduces MOT Pickers, the show in which you can risk £500 of your own money on cars of varying degrees of quality.