12th November 2021
Hyundai Heritage Series Grandeur rear light

The Hyundai Heritage Series Grandeur is the future we want

PetrolBlog comes out of hibernation to say thank you to Hyundai for building the magnificent Heritage Series Grandeur.
14th July 2021
Hyundai V6 saloons

Shednesday: Hyundai V6 saloons

South Korean luxobarges are the order of the week, as Ben Carter picks a selection of wonderful Hyundai V6 saloons. Waft-tastic!
26th May 2021
Shednesday ABC

Shednesday: Audi A2 to BMW Z3

Getting to grips with Shednesday is as easy as learning your A, B, C. Which is why Ben Carter has gone full alphabet for you.
28th April 2021
1984 Nissan Sunny B122 pick-up

Shednesday: From Talbot and Nissan to Daihatsu and beyond

Not content with breaking the internet with his weekly Shednesday feature, Ben Carter introduces Spendsday. It's Shednedsay, but more costly.
3rd June 2020
Hyundai Genesis UK side view

The Hyundai Genesis now costs less than a new i10

Five years ago, our man drove a new Hyundai Genesis 3.8-litre V6. It cost a massive £48k. Today, the price has dropped to £14k. Still want that VW Phaeton?
26th July 2018

It’s time to appreciate the Hyundai Matrix

Fancy a little Pininfarina glamour on your driveway? Forget Ferraris and French fancies, PetrolBlog reckons you should take a look at the Hyundai Matrix.
16th December 2013
Delusions of Hyundai Grandeur

Delusions of Hyundai Grandeur?

The Hyundai Grandeur is the 13th fastest depreciating car in Britain. Which therefore makes the £27k luxo-barge rather appealing to PetrolBlog.
17th June 2013
Old FARTs on PetrolBlog: Proton Impian

Car Confessional: Old FARTs

Car Confessional: PetrolBlog declares a love for a trio of Far Eastern saloons - affectionally known as Old FARTS - Proton Impian, Kia Magentis and Hyundai Sonata.
20th July 2010
Hyundai Stellar

Whatever happened to the Hyundai Stellar

For many years, a Stella has been the central factor to a Friday or Saturday night out on town. A few too many and then it […]
9th March 2010
My First (Hyundai) Pony

Whatever happened to the Hyundai Pony

Once upon a time, PetrolBlog doodled cars like the Hyundai Pony at school. Today, all the Ponies have bolted and there are hardly any left.