30th January 2014
Jaguar XJ40

Ben Day’s Real World Dream Shed

It's time for another PetrolBlog Real World Dream Shed, with Ben choosing his ten cars. It's a lovely mix of motors, including some proper PB heroes.
23rd January 2014
Blue Nissan 100NX

Barker’s worst Japanese coupes: Nissan 100NX

Chris Barker doesn't think much about the Nissan 100NX. In fact, he rips the unsuspecting car to shreds. PetrolBlog tries to mount a case for its defence.
21st January 2014
Rover 75 V8 on PetrolBlog

FailCar’s top ten modern classics with investment potential

FailCar is back to provide a list of FailSafe future classics worth ploughing your money into. PetrolBlog giving financial advice - what could go wrong?
13th January 2014
1989 Porsche 944

Adam Baker’s Real World Dream Shed

Adam Baker's Real World Dream Barn had a real Vauxhall flavour to it. Now - as he selects his Real World Dream Shed - we discover he has an eclectic taste.
7th January 2014
Car Confessional Smart Fortwo

Car Confessional: Smart Fortwo

PetrolBlog regular, Antony Ingram, is keen to get something off his chest. He has a fondness for the Smart Fortwo. Is he alone or do you share the love?
23rd December 2013
Real World Review Chevrolet Astro

Real World Review: Chevrolet Astro

Antony Ingram spent some time in America living with a Chevrolet Astro van. He found it to be a hateful machine, so therefore recommends that you rent one.
10th December 2013
Nissan 100NX

Barker’s 10 worst Japanese coupes: an introduction

Chris Barker returns to PetrolBlog to spout some waffle on the terror of Japanese coupes. Only PetrolBlog has a bit of a problem. We happen to like them...
3rd December 2013
Real World Dream Shed: Mercedes-Benz 190

Antony Ingram’s Real World Dream Shed

PetrolBlog regular, Antony Ingram, is back with his very own Real World Dream Shed. Warning, this Shed may lead you into wallet-emptying temptation...
3rd December 2013
PetrolBlog's simple guide to winter tyres

Darren Leslie on winter tyres

Darren Leslie returns with some timely words on winter tyres and to wonder if things were different when he were a lad. Oh, and the Audi 80 is on the road!
22nd November 2013
The Dacia Sudero? Alfasud

Sudero: why Dacia needs ‘to Alfasud’ the Sandero

Forever the voice of reason, Antony Ingram argues that Dacia is well placed to build a modern equivalent of the classic Alfasud. PetrolBlog calls it Sudero.
21st November 2013
Peugeot 306 Shatchback

Living with a Shatchback: chapter 2

Graeme loves his Peugeot 306 Shatchback so much, he's taken to having the odd shower with it. You could say that his love of Shatch is blossoming.
30th September 2013
Real World Dream Shed: Fiat X1/9

Darren Leslie’s Real World Dream Shed

It's been a while since we've had a Real World Dream Barn or Real World Dream Shed on PetrolBlog. Thankfully Darren Leslie is on hand to change all that.