14th December 2016
The end of the road for PetrolBlog?

The end of the road for PetrolBlog?

It's not you, it's me. Breaking up is hard to do. Wish me luck (as you wave goodbye). It looks like PetrolBlog is facing the end of the road.
15th November 2016
Car washing can be so funny

Car washing can be so funny

You missed a bit: PetrolBlog wonders why car washing seems to bring out the comedian in the great British public.
21st October 2016
Citroën's ConnectedCAM is Pokémon for car geeks

Citroën’s ConnectedCAM is Pokémon for car geeks

PetrolBlog has driven the new Citroën C3 and thinks the ConnectedCAM is like Pokémon for car geeks.
19th October 2016
10 of the best: blue-collar shooting brakes

10 of the best: blue-collar shooting brakes

Number 68 Castleham Road, St. Leonards-on-Sea, Sussex – sounds more like the address of a retirement place than the home of one of the greatest cars ever […]
3rd October 2016
Mk1 Ford Mondeo: the ultimate daily classic?

Mk1 Ford Mondeo: the ultimate daily classic?

Ben Day has become a Mondeo Man and is enjoying life with a poverty-spec Mk1 Ford Mondeo. He reckons it could be the ideal daily classic.
21st September 2016
Kia Rio Because Race

Her name was Rio and she wasn’t all that

Tom Ellis goes racing in a Mk1 Kia Rio and promises never to make the same mistake again. Meanwhile, PetrolBlog uses a Duran Duran-inspired headline.
20th September 2016
Citroen CX Chocky gif

PetrolBlog in Unexpected Places: Chocky

It's time for another update of 'PetrolBlog in Unexpected Places', which this time features Chocky and a delightful Citroën CX Familiale.
19th September 2016
richard grant accessories

Spoiler alert: Richard Grant added plastic; fantastic?

PetrolBlog stumbles across an advert for Richard Grant Accessories and starts to reminisce about the days when plastic was fantastic. Of sorts.
16th September 2016
Honda Jazz advert

This Honda Jazz ad will funk up your Friday

PetrolBlog stumbles across a German television ad for the original Honda Jazz. It's guaranteed to funk up your Friday.
8th August 2016
Fiat Punto at the Transfagarasan Highway

An ill-informed history of… the Transfagarasan Highway

For many people, a drive along the Transfagarasan Highway is bucket-list stuff. Tom Richards did it in a £1,300 Fiat Punto. Good man.
10th May 2016
Mini Cooperesque

A Tale of Two Mini Cities

Peter Counsell, who once put dishwasher tablets in a washing machine, takes another trip down memory lane, this time at the wheel of a Mini Cooperesque.
18th March 2016
2016 Citroen C4

Is the Citroën C4 is as mad as you’d hope? Er, sort of…

Daniel Bevis spends a week with a Citroën C4 and seeks to find out if it shares much in common with the eccentric greats from Citroën's past.