24th September 2018
New Suzuki Jimny review

The new Suzuki Jimny is a brilliant ‘restomod’

The new Suzuki Jimny: great for picking up a hitchhiking Claudia Schiffer on her way to a quarry, and your skiing chum in Bruges, but not at the same time.
7th September 2018
Toyota Corolla Mk4

The return of the Toyota Corolla is proof that the world isn’t broken

The Toyota Corolla name is back, and PETROLBLOG finds that as comforting as the smell of a roast dinner and as familiar as the sound of stirring your tea.
28th August 2018
Renault Logan Stepway

Russian Shatchback: Renault Logan Stepway

The Renault Logan Stepway goes on sale this autumn and PETROLBLOG asks: is this the desirable Shatchback we've all been waiting for?
23rd August 2018
Renault 18 Turbo

Whatever happened to the Renault 18 Turbo?

The Renault 18 Turbo: the first mass-market turbocharged car and the first from a volume manufacturer. Let's celebrates the turbo saloon for the common man.
12th August 2018
VW campers Cornwall

Jams first: Cornish traffic leads to sticky situation

In a jam: as Cornish roads struggle to cope with a huge influx of tourists, local groups propose a range of radical solutions to the problem.
10th August 2018
Whatever happened to the Saab 90?

Whatever happened to the Saab 90?

With the front end of the Saab 99 and the rear end of a Saab 900, the Saab 90 was a bit of an oddball. A compromised saloon or the best of both worlds?
3rd August 2018
Volvo 850 R

The Barn, according to Kenny Smith

Inspired by PETROLBLOG's choices for The Barn: Reloaded, the long-time friend of the show and good egg Kenny Smith puts pen to paper. Well, he wrote an email.
29th July 2018

Hello, PetrolBlog is back on the road

Having been off the road for a year, PetrolBlog returns with some fresh waffle and bunk. Here's what you can expect from the home of French Tat.
28th July 2018
Renault 6 in Cornwall

Whatever happened to the Renault 6?

French fancy: To mark 50 years since its launch in Paris, PetrolBlog asks: whatever happened to the Renault 6 family car?
27th July 2018

The Barn is back and it’s been reloaded

PETROLBLOG relaunches the Real World Dream Barn, with a simpler name and a new set of rules.
19th May 2017
Peter picked a plodding Polo for parental purposes

Peter picked a plodding Polo for parental purposes

Shunning the lure of PetrolBloggyness and Bangernomics, Peter Counsell puts his faith in a Polo and presents us with a tongue-twisting headline.
27th April 2017
Skoda's decision to kill the Yeti is abominable

Skoda’s decision to kill the Yeti is abominable

According to Autocar, the Skoda Yeti is set to replaced by a new, characterless model called the Karoq. Oh dear.