25th October 2010
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A privilege, not a right

Resident guest blogger @FailCar has been ranting again. Fortunately he has once again chosen PetrolBlog as the platform to vent his spleen on. As usual, the […]
4th October 2010
Aixam GTO

FailCar does Paris

FailCar was at the Paris Motor Show and has provided his own, left-field report on the show especially for PetrolBlog.
30th September 2010

Automotive posters: why do we choose specific ones?

Charlie Johnson asks the question, why do we choose the posters we place on our bedroom walls.
16th September 2010
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I should hate cars, but twits make me feel better.

Why are we obsessed with cars? A petrolhead asks the question but fails to deliver an answer.
2nd September 2010
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The Dawdler: a short story by @FailCar

Recently I engaged in a short but engaging Twitter conversation with the criminally under followed @FailCar. It followed a comment by me after I had the […]