19th February 2011
FailCar's Peugeot 205 GTi

FailCar’s Peugeot 205 GTi: An update

The car that twitter helped build, is nearly finished… I thought I should do an update on where I have got to on the 205 since […]
13th January 2011
John Cleland Cavalier Autosport NEC 2011

FailCar visits…Autosport

Another year and another motor show that PetrolBlog isn’t attending, although that’s about to change (more on this soon). As per usual though, Mr @FailCar has […]
11th January 2011
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Time is not on the side of the Petrolhead

Only eleven days into 2011 and @FailCar is ranting again. This short blog will chime with many petrolheads.
3rd December 2010
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Bah Humbug! A seasonal message from @FailCar

Never one to shy away from controversy, FailCar has been at it again. I’m reliably informed that his hands were shaking from anger while writing this. […]
16th November 2010
FailCar's Peugeot 205 GTi before polishing

FailCar’s Peugeot 205 GTi

PetrolBlog is delighted to reveal @FailCar‘s new arrival, the much admired and 80s legend, the Peugeot 205 GTi.
15th November 2010
BMW E30 318is

FailCar does the Classic Motor Show and MPH

Mr @FailCar has been busy attending events on behalf of PetrolBlog. Here are his pick of the halls…
2nd November 2010
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Speed Cameras: What exactly is going on?

More words from @FailCar. In this edition he turns his attention to speed cameras…
25th October 2010
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A privilege, not a right

Resident guest blogger @FailCar has been ranting again. Fortunately he has once again chosen PetrolBlog as the platform to vent his spleen on. As usual, the […]
4th October 2010
Aixam GTO

FailCar does Paris

FailCar was at the Paris Motor Show and has provided his own, left-field report on the show especially for PetrolBlog.
30th September 2010

Automotive posters: why do we choose specific ones?

Charlie Johnson asks the question, why do we choose the posters we place on our bedroom walls.
16th September 2010
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I should hate cars, but twits make me feel better.

Why are we obsessed with cars? A petrolhead asks the question but fails to deliver an answer.
2nd September 2010
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The Dawdler: a short story by @FailCar

Recently I engaged in a short but engaging Twitter conversation with the criminally under followed @FailCar. It followed a comment by me after I had the […]