10th October 2011
Renault Avantime rear on PetrolBlog

David Milloy remembers the Renault Avantime

Duncan McVitie remembers the Renault Avantime, a much loved favourite of PetrolBlog. A car ahead of its time that failed to capture the public's imagination. Shame.
4th October 2011
Rear light cluster Fiat Coupé and front light of Barchetta

An Italian first car? Just the job, says Ton Dumans

Ton Dumans joins the PetrolBlog team and kicks off with a pair of beautiful Italians. Not a bad way to start!
28th September 2011
Black Ford Fiesta XR2 MK1

David Milloy remembers the MK1 Ford Fiesta XR2

Duncan McVitie arrives on PetrolBlog as a guest blogger and remembers the brilliant MK1 Ford Fiesta XR2
27th September 2011
FailCar’s Mazda MX-5 – car cleaning guide

FailCar’s guide to car cleaning

FailCar presents his guide to cleaning a car, using his very own Mazda MX-5 by way of a demonstration.
25th September 2011
Silver Arrows

An ill-informed history of…the Tripoli Grand Prix

Guest blogger, Tom Richards, take a nostalgic look back at the Tripoli Grand Prix and wonders whether it's time for the F1 circus to revisit Libya.
11th July 2011
Peugeot 205 T16

An ill-informed history of…Group B

Resident guest blogger, Tom Richards, gives us the first in a new series of 'ill-informed histories'. First up, Group B rallying.
17th June 2011
Aston Martin Cygnet

FailCar rants: Aston Martin Cygnet

FailCar steps into the confessional to proclaim his undying love for a small and perfectly formed(?) Aston Martin...
21st May 2011
range rover

Rob Griggs-Taylor’s Real World Dream Barn

Rob Griggs-Taylor has put together a list of ten cars that would be in his Real World Dream Barn. Of course, the list could change tomorrow!
9th May 2011
Porsche 911 on PetrolBlog

Fahrtman Longstroke rants: Porsche 911

Fahrtman Longstroke joins PetrolBlog and starts as he means to go on with his forthright views on the Porsche 911.
25th April 2011

PetrolBlog’s Real World Dream Barn

Having confessed to not being all that fussed about supercars, PetrolBlog names the 10 cars that would be fighting for space in the Real World Dream Barn.
6th April 2011
Peugeot 205 GTi

In pictures: FailCar’s Peugeot 205 GTi

FailCar's Peugeot 205 GTi is pretty much finished and all is revealed here on PetrolBlog. A wonderful thing to behold. Oh and he's got another project...
4th March 2011
Rinspeed Bambo Geneva Motor Show

FailCar does…the Geneva Motor Show 2011

As ever for PetrolBlog I thought I would just stick to covering some of the more obscure stuff at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show as you […]