10th June 2013
Car Salesman

FailCar on: getting flogged

He's back! In his first update of 2013, FailCar is having a moan about the torture of selling cars. Once you've read it, you may never want to sell a car ever again.
30th May 2013
Real World Dream Barn: Range Rover

Now That’s What I Call a Real World Dream Barn

Now That's What I Call a Real World Dream Barn: Celebrating the best of PetrolBlog's Real World Dream Barn. The pick of the pops. Not 'alf.
20th May 2013

New Technology Can Reduce Insurance Premiums

Sponsored post: New Technology Can Reduce Insurance Premiums
19th May 2013

Top Eight Tips For Lowering Motorcycle Insurance

Sponsored post: Top Eight Tips For Lowering Motorcycle Insurance
10th May 2013
Citroën CX 2400 IE Pallas

Rob’s Real World Dream Barn revisited

Inspired by David Tillyer, Rob Griggs-Taylor has returned to PetrolBlog with another ten cars for this Real World Dream Barn. People are getting greedy!
9th May 2013
Toyota Corolla AE86

Where is the budget rear-wheel drive saloon?

Antony Ingram is demanding the release of a budget rear-wheel drive saloon and reckons Dacia could be just the company to deliver it. Rear-wheel drive Sandero?
8th May 2013
Real World Dream Barn: Volvo V70 R

Alex Wilcox’s Real World Dream Barn

Alex Wilcox has selected ten cars for his PetrolBlog Real World Dream Barn. Hang on - no he hasn't - there are only eight cars. Er, where's the Real World Dream Barn guidebook?
29th April 2013
Audi A2

Keith WR Jones and his Real World Dream Barn

Award-winning blogger, Keith WR Jones takes a wander into PetrolBlog HQ and slams down a list of the magic ten cars that would grace his Real World Dream Barn.
13th April 2013

Rachel Watson’s Real World Dream Barn

We couldn't launch the new PetrolBlog website without a brand new Real World Dream Barn. So step forward web designer Rachel Watson.
13th April 2013
Porsche 911 on PetrolBlog

Ton asks, is there such thing as an affordable supercar?

Ton Dumans asks, is there such a thing as an affordable supercar? You know, a supercar that might just appeal to the readers of PetrolBlog. Discuss...
10th April 2013
Red-E-Type Jaguar

Fahrtman Longstroke rants: Jaguar E-Type hype

Fahrtman Longstroke is ranting again - this time on the Jaguar E-Type - the crown jewels of the British motor industry. Does he have a point?
9th April 2013
Rob Griggs-Taylor and Ford Sierra

Regrets: Rob’s Ford Sierra XR4x4i

The Ford Sierra XR4x4i - a tale of regret from PetrolBlog's resident guest blogger, Rob Griggs-Taylor and a warning never to meet your heroes.