29th January 2012
bentley arnage t

Tom’s Real World Dream Barn

I’m delighted to say we’ve received another Real World Dream Barn. This time it’s the turn of Tom Cornish, aka @DrRectalExam on twitter. Don’t let his […]
8th January 2012

Ton Dumans writes: Petrolheads, Porsche and Police

Ton Dumans is back on PetrolBlog for the first time in 2012. Here he looks back at where his love of all things Porsche began. It involves the rozzers.
5th January 2012
rover sd1 vitesse

Alan’s Real World Dream Barn

Alan Liddell lists ten cars that would be fighting for space in his Real World Dream Barn.
22nd December 2011
Christmas Snow Globe

FailCar is driving home for Christmas

And now, the Christmas message from FailCar. Bah humbug.
5th December 2011
The final word on Winter Tyres – PetrolBlog

FailCar on Winter Tyres

FailCar has bought some winter tyres, with his own money. Sounds like the arrival of winter couldn't come soon enough.
25th November 2011
Audi 80

Darren’s Audi 80 1.8S: an update

Darren's been having a few issues with his Audi 80. Nobody said that running an old car was easy!
11th November 2011
MINI Clubman at dealer

Ton’s view on the 2011 MINI Clubman

Ton Dumans, PetrolBlog’s Dutch correspondent, is back with some thoughts on his MINI Clubman. Over to you, Ton. As luck would have it, I found myself […]
10th November 2011
A yellow flag

FailCar rants: Flag-based road safety

FailCar is back on PetrolBlog with an inspired piece of thinking. He thinks that flags could be the answer to our road safety problems. Genius.
22nd October 2011
vw corrado vr6

Ton’s Real World Dream Barn

PetrolBlog's Dutch correspondent flies over with details of his Real World Dream Barn. He's clearly not afraid to bend the rules a little!
21st October 2011
Lotus Elan

David Milloy’s position on the Lotus Elan M100

New on PetrolBlog, Duncan McVitie takes a break from French Fancies to write some words on the Lotus Elan. No, not that one, the M100...
18th October 2011
Talbot Matra Rancho

The Rancho’s back – courtesy of David Milloy

Duncan McVitie puts together a short video for PetrolBlog, demonstrating the brilliance of the (Talbot) Simca-Matra Rancho. Excellent.
18th October 2011
The Limit, Michael Cannell

On safety

Following Dan Wheldon's tragic death over the weekend, Tom Richards presents some words on safety within motorsport.