20th August 2014
Volvo 850 T5 R on PetrolBlog

Andrew’s Real World Dream Shed

It's been a while since we've had a Real World Dream Shed on PetrolBlog, but here's Andrew Clews with his selection of 10 cars. Seat Leon. Controversial?
15th August 2014
MK1 Honda Insight review on PetrolBlog

Going green: Mk1 Honda Insight review

Antony Ingram is a very lucky chap as he just happens to own a MK1 Honda Insight. And it all started with a tweet from PetrolBlog. Here's his review.
9th August 2014
Ford Scorpio Ultima Estate For Sale

Beautifully ugly: Ford Scorpio Ultima estate

John Cradden is selling this rather wonderful Ford Scorpio Ultima estate. It's the facelift model that pretty much signalled the end of production. We like.
6th August 2014
Regrets Honda Prelude

Regrets: Honda Prelude 2.2 VTEC

So here I am, once again regretting the sale of a car. This time, it’s a 1994 Honda Prelude 2.2 VTEC, purchased just nine months ago. Back […]
17th June 2014
Mazda Bongo Friendee blog

Why Kelvin loves the Mazda Bongo Friendee

Kelvin has a confession to make - he loves the Mazda Bongo Friendee. But then on PetrolBlog, he's amongst friends. Surely everyone loves the Bongo Friendee?
12th June 2014
Fiat Panda Dynamic AirCon on PetrolBlog

Fiat Panda: run out, special

PetrolBlog's occasional contributor, Tom Richards, waves goodbye to his trusty Fiat Panda and settles in to life with a brand new Ford Fiesta.
13th February 2014
Audi 80 on frosty morning

The 80 is back: Darren’s Audi 80 returns

The 80 is back! The wait is over. Having waited patiently for months, Darren finally gets a chance to rekindle his love affair with his lovely Audi 80.
6th February 2014
Mercedes-Benz W202 C-Class

Antony Ingram: the car lover who detests buying cars

Anthony Ingram simply loves cars - he can't get enough of them. But like the rest of us, he often finds the act of buying cars can be a torturous affair.
30th January 2014
Jaguar XJ40

Ben Day’s Real World Dream Shed

It's time for another PetrolBlog Real World Dream Shed, with Ben choosing his ten cars. It's a lovely mix of motors, including some proper PB heroes.
23rd January 2014
Blue Nissan 100NX

Barker’s worst Japanese coupes: Nissan 100NX

Chris Barker doesn't think much about the Nissan 100NX. In fact, he rips the unsuspecting car to shreds. PetrolBlog tries to mount a case for its defence.
21st January 2014
Rover 75 V8 on PetrolBlog

FailCar’s top ten modern classics with investment potential

FailCar is back to provide a list of FailSafe future classics worth ploughing your money into. PetrolBlog giving financial advice - what could go wrong?
13th January 2014
1989 Porsche 944

Adam Baker’s Real World Dream Shed

Adam Baker's Real World Dream Barn had a real Vauxhall flavour to it. Now - as he selects his Real World Dream Shed - we discover he has an eclectic taste.