6th February 2013
Ford Escort RS2000

Craig’s Real World Dream Barn

It's another Real World Dream Barn, with Craig choosing a different approach when selecting his cars. It's a cracking list.
4th February 2013
toyota carina e

Oliver Hammond’s Real World Dream Barn

You'd think that that the man known as Mr Vel Satis would deliver a distinctly French Real World Dream Barn. Well you'd be very wrong.
30th January 2013

Adam Baker’s Real World Dream Barn

It's a Real World Dream Barn from Adam Baker and it's rather performance-led. But there is some Italian elegance thrown in for good measure.
29th January 2013
The first UK-built Vauxhall Astra

Chris Barker’s first car crush

Chris Barker is back with some words on his first car crush. This is PetrolBlog, so don't expect any Ferrari or Lamborghini action here.
28th January 2013

Ben Kraal’s Real World Dream Barn

It's the first Australian Real World Dream Barn to appear on PetrolBlog and it comes courtesy of Ben Kraal. Style and performance in perfect harmony.
23rd January 2013
Alpine A310

Antony Ingram’s Real World Dream Barn

It's been a long time coming, but here's Antony Ingram's Real World Dream Barn. There's something for everyone in this list.
21st January 2013
Honda Insight

Tom Richards’s Real World Dream Barn

Tom Richards raises the bar with his PetrolBlog Real World Dream Barn. Try picking holes in this one.
15th January 2013
Rob writes: Skoda Octavia update part three

Rob writes: Octavia update part three

11,000 miles in and despite brief thoughts to the contrary, Rob Griggs-Taylor is determined to stick with his Skoda Octavia.
9th January 2013
citroen sm

Lem Bingley’s Real World Dream Barn

Lem Bingley has selected the first Real World Dream Barn of 2012. Contains much lightness and compactness. Good times.
15th December 2012
mg maestro efi

PetrolBlog Real World Dream Barn 2012

It's time to vote for your favourite Real World Dream Barn of 2012. Check out the eleven choices here and then cast your vote. BlogNobs on offer too!
14th December 2012
saab 9000 aero

Rafael’s Real World Dream Barn

The final Real World Dream Barn of 2012 and this one's a bit good. Not only that, it has been flown across from Spain.
12th December 2012
Fiat Uno 70SL

Peter Counsell’s Real World Dream Barn

It's the penultimate Real World Dream Barn of 2012 and comes courtesy of Peter Counsell. Mmm...Fiat Uno!