27th February 2013
Audi toy car and trailer

Rob writes: And now a trailer

Rob writes: And now a trailer - a helpful guide to buying and living with a trailer. Look out for side winds when reading this piece.
26th February 2013

Darren Leslie’s Real World Dream Barn

Darren Leslie's Real World Dream Barn is 30% British, 30% German, 30% Japanese and 10% French. Oh and 100% brilliant.
20th February 2013

Andrew Evans’s Real World Dream Barn

Andrew Evans rolls into PetrolBlog town with his very own Real World Dream Barn. There are a few surprises in here that'll leave...
19th February 2013

Drive By: Chris Barker on footballers’ cars

Do you know what I said to myself only the other week; it’s been a while since some egit of a footballer made a mess of a car...
18th February 2013
Maserati Ghibli Cup

Simon Ford’s Real World Dream Barn

Simon Ford of Simon's Car Spots selects the ten cars that would fill his Real World Dream Barn.
13th February 2013
Triumph Dolomite Sprint at Haynes International Motor Museum

Regrets: Triumph Dolomite 1850HL

A tale full of dreams, grim reality and ultimately regret from Peter Counsell. Here's the story of his Triumph Dolomite 1850HL.
11th February 2013
Real World Dream Barn: Mercedes Unimog

Simon Hingston’s Real World Dream Barn

Probably the most eclectic and eccentric Real World Dream Barn ever to appear on PetrolBlog. It's time for Simon Hingston to select his ten of the best.
6th February 2013
Ford Escort RS2000

Craig’s Real World Dream Barn

It's another Real World Dream Barn, with Craig choosing a different approach when selecting his cars. It's a cracking list.
4th February 2013
toyota carina e

Oliver Hammond’s Real World Dream Barn

You'd think that that the man known as Mr Vel Satis would deliver a distinctly French Real World Dream Barn. Well you'd be very wrong.
30th January 2013

Adam Baker’s Real World Dream Barn

It's a Real World Dream Barn from Adam Baker and it's rather performance-led. But there is some Italian elegance thrown in for good measure.
29th January 2013
The first UK-built Vauxhall Astra

Chris Barker’s first car crush

Chris Barker is back with some words on his first car crush. This is PetrolBlog, so don't expect any Ferrari or Lamborghini action here.
28th January 2013

Ben Kraal’s Real World Dream Barn

It's the first Australian Real World Dream Barn to appear on PetrolBlog and it comes courtesy of Ben Kraal. Style and performance in perfect harmony.