9th October 2020
White Mitsubishi Mirage

10 of the best: test drivers looking at the camera

It's time for another terrible '10 of the best' feature. In this one, PetrolBlog focuses on the test drivers who couldn't help but look at the camera.
7th October 2020
CarTunes by Tony Gardner

CarTunes: a mixtape by Tony Gardner

What's this, a proper celebrity on PetrolBlog? Last Tango in Halifax actor Tony Gardner has been in touch with his CarTunes. Contains a purple Beach Buggy.
18th September 2020
MG at cross-Channel ferry

10 of the best photo opportunities for your press car

Looking for photo opportunities for your next press car? Here are 10 of the best locations, including on the ferry, at the recycling centre and in Cornwall.
11th September 2020
CarTunes by Peter Counsell

CarTunes: another mixtape by Peter Counsell

Peter Counsell is back with another three CarTunes, with songs linked to drives in a Ford Fiesta XR2, Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet and Audi A6 Avant.
11th September 2020
BMW X7 Dark Shadow Edition Large SUV

Something Wicked This Way Comes: The Large SUV

William Dickey returns to PetrolBlog with an objective analysis of current large SUV styling trends. This post contains horrifying and scary images.
21st August 2020
CarTunes by Kenny Smith

CarTunes: a mixtape by Kenny Smith

Friend of the show and Club PetrolBlog member Kenny Smith has wandered into the lock-up armed with his choice of CarTunes. He has an eclectric taste. Nice.
17th August 2020
CarTunes by Ben Hooper

CarTunes: a mixtape by Ben Hooper

Ben Hooper is learning to drive in his Volvo 480, but this hasn't stopped him from getting in touch with PetrolBlog with his choice of CarTunes.
13th August 2020
1990 Honda Civic 1.4 16v

This Honda Civic is the auction car 2020 deserves

André Trigano's 1990 Honda Civic is going under the hammer at a forthcoming Artcurial auction. It contains damage following an encounter with a wild boar.
7th August 2020
Renault Clio Baccara auction sale

André Trigano’s Renault Clio Baccara is a little gem

This wonderful Renault Clio Baccara is part of the André Trigano collection of cars to be sold at auction in September. It was bought new by Trigano in 1992
6th August 2020
Nissan Primer

William introduces the DIY limited edition car

William Dickey returns to the pages of PetrolBlog with news of some rather obscure DIY limited edition cars that nearly made him fall off his bike.
3rd August 2020
Show us your Renault Safrane

PetrolBlog says: Show Us Your Renault Safrane

PetrolBlog owns not one but TWO examples of the Renault Safrane. One has an MOT, one most certainly does it. Now it's time to show us your Renault Safrane.
26th June 2020
CarTunes mixtape by Graham Eason

CarTunes: a mixtape by Graham Eason

PetrolBlog is fast becoming a home for words and pictures of a musical variety. Stay locked to this channel for the top CarTunes of Graham Eason. Not ‘alf.