7th April 2021
Suzuki Baleno estate

Shednesday: Suzuki Baleno

Ben serves up a Suzuki Baleno feast for Shednesday. Would sir or madam prefer the hatchback, saloon or estate? Everyone's a winner.
30th March 2021
Shednesday Jaguar S-Type

Shednesday: Jaguar S-Type V8

Ben Carter has downed a packet of brave bills for this week's Shednesday. A tatty Jaguar S-Type V8 with some rust and questionable stains.
24th March 2021
Mazda MX-6

Shednesday: Mid-life crisis coupés

Ben Carter is on the verge of a mid-life crisis. He's been looking at coupes, but only because he knows that he doesn't want one. Or does he?
23rd March 2021
Mk1 Toyota Yaris

William has had enough of these top ten lists

William Dickey has had enough of top 10 cars lists. Here, he names the worst offenders, including ‘worst cars’ and ’worst car names’.
17th March 2021
Proton Cars

Shednesday: A plethora of Proton cars

Ben Carter is settling into his role of Grandmaster Shednesday. Here he picks a plethora of Proton cars, including a Satria GTI and Jumbuck.
10th March 2021
Honda Integra

Shednesday: Honda Integra 1.5 automatic

Monday, Tuesday, Shednesday. Here's Ben Carter with a tempting Honda Integra for sale on Facebook Marketplace. No, not THAT Integra...
3rd March 2021

Shednesday: Honda Accord 4WS vs. Renault Laguna GT

Ben Carter has wandered into four-wheel steer territory for this week's Shednesday. So, Honda Accord 4WS or Renault Laguna GT?
22nd February 2021
Chrysler New Yorker Shednesday

Shednesday: Native New Yorker in Sunderland

This week Shednesday serves up a slice of automotive American pie in the shape of a £400 Chrysler New Yorker. Do ya feel lucky? Well, do ya?
19th February 2021
Buy a Toyota Celica

Buy a Toyota Celica – it’s good for your mental health

Making his PetrolBlog debut, Justin Time tells us why he bought a Toyota Celica T-Sport and why it has been good for his mental health.
17th February 2021
Shednesday Fiat Croma

Shednesday: Fiat Croma Comfort Wagon

Introducing Shednesday, Ben's weekly dive into the murky waters of Facebook Marketplace in search of pearls. He starts with the Fiat Croma.
5th February 2021
2021 Lancia Ypsilon EcoChic

Your reminder that the Lancia Ypsilon is still alive

The Lancia Ypsilon has been facelifted again. It remains incredibly successful in Italy, where it outsells all except the Fiat Panda. Blimey.
4th February 2021
Renault 19 at the Cafe Real Madrid

10 of the best: the French cars of Conakry

Where are you going to go when the lockdown is over? PetrolBlog would like to suggest the Guinea capital Conakry. The French cars are superb.